September 10, 2022

What Is an Argumentative Essay and Tips to Write A Good Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative article is a sort of paper that presents arguments regarding the two sides of a problem.

It is usually the situation that a couple of sides are shown similarly adjusted, or even it may be the particular case that a single side is presented more compellingly as compared to the other.

What Is an Argumentative Essay and Tips to Write A Good Argumentative Essay?: eAskme
What Is an Argumentative Essay and Tips to Write A Good Argumentative Essay?: eAskme

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Everything relies upon the author, and what side he bolsters the most.

This type of essay usually has four basic parts comprising:

Attention grabber statement

Your essay should start with an interesting attention-grabbing statement that relates to your topic and develops the interest of the reader to read the essay more.

Avoid using quotations as a hooker and make your own unique, attention-grabbing statement.
  • Body Paragraphs

The argumentative essay has three further body paragraphs that contain three basic points that you will discuss in your essay.

All the three paragraphs must be interlinked to one another and should not violate the continuity.
  • Counterargument

The essay should always have a valid counter-argument that matches the basic genre of the essay.

You must have clear evidence for the points you are using to persuade the audience.
  • Conclusion

In the end, the essay should have an attractive and persuading conclusion paragraph.

In such essays, the conclusion is usually the rephrasing of the thesis statement you have written for the essay.

You should mention all your three arguments briefly and put attention-grabbing question at the end to make the audience be conscious and think about the essay and the question even after finishing the essay.

Tips for writing a good argumentative essay

This type of essay is all about persuading the audience with the point you are coming up with, and for that, you have to put your best.

Your major concern is to persuade them besides the fact that they have another perspective about that certain topic.

I am here with certain tips that will help you write the best essay for your final submission:

Find a good topic

The first step you need to do is to make a long list of the topics in which you have an interest and have some background knowledge about them.

Gather some interesting issues like conflicting issues and choose the best from them.

Once you have selected your topic make a view on it that are you quite able to persuade the audience on this topic or not and when you finally find yourself confident about the topic move on to the second step.

Gather evidence

One of the most important tips s to find as much data as you can.

You must have good searching skills, and using multiple keywords will surely help you in finding more information.

You will be able to compose a strong argumentative essay that will help you to convince the audience that the fact you are putting forward is right.

Read documentaries, articles, Facebook posts, and your name it will help you in further process.

Start essay composition

Once you are done with finding your topic and you have gathered enough information and evidence related to it, now you are ready to start composing your essay.

Make a well-established thesis statement that must contain your topic and the three arguments you will be suing n your essay.

The thesis statement must not be a fact.

Start your essay with a hooker and then add the thesis statement, after that write a bit introduction about your topic and then move on to the body paragraphs where you will discuss your arguments by giving valid evidence.

Once you are done with your body paragraphs now you ready to conclude your essay with nice and attractive questions.

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