April 12, 2023

Lifestyle Tips from an NBA Wife!

Born in 1989 in Ontario, Canada, Ayesha Disa Alexander showed an early interest in health and our diets' role in our well-being.

When Ayesha's family emigrated to the US, she began spending a lot of time with her mother, who ran a salon in their family home's basement while offering clients a bite to eat.

Around this time, Ayesha met Stephen Curry, and although the pair began a strong friendship, they wouldn't end up dating or married for several years.

Ayesha took off to LA, but the two started a relationship following a random visit by Curry.

Lifestyle Tips from an NBA Wife Ayesha Disa Alexander, Ayesha Curry: eAskme
Lifestyle Tips from an NBA Wife Ayesha Disa Alexander, Ayesha Curry: eAskme

Neither Ayesha nor Stephen, known as 'Steph,' could have fully predicted how their worlds would evolve in the coming years.

Steph became a major asset for an NBA team that would win multiple titles, while Ayesha would end up walking in her mother's footsteps as a foodie and chef—but on a much grander scale.

As an avid chef, Ayesha's emphasis on healthy foods is a major point of appreciation from her husband.

As the star athlete for the Golden State Warriors, he's been able to alter his team's NBA title odds, listed on reference portals as Oddschecker. in the Western Conference, taking home NBA championships in 2015, 2017, and 2018.

While he seems to have his winning routine on the court figured out, it's undoubtedly a huge help to have a health-conscious wife at home who can help support his career in sport.

Her skills in the kitchen even helped Ayesha moonlight on the Food Network with her very own TV show, Ayesha's Home Kitchen.

While the show wasn't meant to last, Ayesha learned a lot and continues to spearhead her career based on tasty, home-cooked food.

Healthy Living, Ayesha Style:

To date, (Mrs.) Curry's accolades include her Food Network run, cookbook titled The Seasoned Life, and associated YouTube channel.

She also co-hosts the ABC Channel's Great American Baking Show and has a kitchenware collection with Meyer Corporation that's worth checking out.

She's even appeared as a model and spokeswoman for CoverGirl's beauty brand and, most recently, started a lifestyle magazine called Sweet July.

However, Curry talks about a lot more than just cooking. She's an advocate of cooking together and insists that it is a family-building activity.

Curry advises couples to cook together; even if someone isn't talented in the kitchen, they can turn on some music or stand by and chat with whoever's at the stovetop.

Her most recent line of kitchenware, produced by Meyer Corporation, caters specifically to newlyweds.

While the idea is to make the kitchenware available as part of a registry system, it shows that Curry is fully capable of combining a business ethic with a deeper meaning about well-being, spending time together in the kitchen, and encouraging a relationship based on teamwork.

Comfort Food for a Comfortable Life:

Many consider Curry a modern health guru, which means she doesn't encourage counting calories or subscribing to a fad diet.

Most of her favorite recipe books include staples like chicken and waffles or chorizo omelets.

Ayesha cooks for the belly and the soul.

While she emphasizes the need for a balanced diet with plenty of fiber, fruits, and veggies, she isn't afraid to remind everyone that food provides comfort in times of uncertainty and that cooking can be considered a creative pursuit or even an art form.

In addition to comfort foods, Ayesha creates quick, easy-to-make meals that full-time parents can manage for their families.

This means most of her recipes require no fancy ingredients from premium stores, no complicated cooking techniques, and can be cooked in bulk, so the food will last longer and go further.

While Curry may not be working from nine to five like most parents, she certainly has enough on her plate to understand the value of cooking on the go, with a thousand other things going on!

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