April 01, 2023

Preply Vs. Cambly: Which is Better Option for Teachers?

With the advent of technology, learning English online has become simpler; you can be at home and grasp the new language.

Today's online English language learning focuses more on practical applications and lessons for any level and age group.

Regarding language learning platforms, several online platforms connect English tutors and learners.

This blog will discuss two popular language learning platforms, Preply and Cambly.

Preply Vs. Cambly Which is Better Option for Teachers?: eAskme
Preply Vs. Cambly Which is Better Option for Teachers?: eAskme

What is the Cambly business model?

Cambly is an online language tutoring platform that connects English learners with native speakers worldwide.

The company's business model is based on providing an accessible and affordable language learning service that helps students improve their English skills through live conversation practice.

Cambly offers subscription-based plans, where students can pay a monthly or yearly fee to access the platform and schedule one-on-one conversation sessions with tutors.

The platform also offers a pay-as-you-go option, where students can purchase a certain number of minutes to use whenever they want.

In addition to its core tutoring service, Cambly offers specialized courses and resources for specific English language skills, such as grammar, pronunciation, and writing.

These courses are available as add-ons to the subscription plans or can be purchased separately.

How Cambly makes money?

Cambly generates revenue by paying a commission on students' fees to its tutors. The platform also earns revenue from its premium courses and resources.

Additionally, the company has partnerships with schools and universities, providing a white-label version of its platform to educational institutions to enhance their language learning programs.

Overall, Cambly business model relies on providing an accessible and personalized language learning service that meets the needs of a global audience while leveraging technology to connect learners with native speakers from around the world.

Pros and cons of Cambly:

Cambly is an online English tutoring platform that connects students with native English speakers.

Here are some pros and cons of using Cambly:


  • Flexible scheduling: Cambly offers 24/7 availability, making scheduling lessons at any time easy.
  • Native English speakers: Cambly's tutors are native English speakers from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, providing students with an authentic learning experience.
  • Conversational approach: Cambly focuses on conversational English, making it ideal for students who want to improve their speaking and listening skills.
  • Free trial: Cambly offers a free trial for new students, allowing them to try the service before committing to a paid plan.
  • No minimum commitment: Unlike other tutoring services, Cambly does not require a minimum commitment, allowing students to take as many or as few lessons as they want.


  • Expensive: Cambly is relatively expensive compared to other online tutoring platforms.
  • Limited curriculum: Cambly's focus on conversational English means that there may be better options for students who want a structured curriculum with a specific learning path.
  • Variable quality: Because Cambly's tutors are not required to have teaching certifications or experience, the quality of the tutoring can vary widely.
  • Limited feedback: Because Cambly's focuses on conversation, students may need more detailed feedback on their writing or grammar skills.
  • No offline resources: Cambly only offers offline resources or materials for students to study independently outside their sessions with a tutor.

What is Preply?

Preply is a language learning marketplace where tutors offer language services.

Students can select a language teacher and schedule lessons on a specific date.

Prices differ according to the teacher, and you can easily choose tutors that suit your needs and budget.

Pros and Cons of Preply:

Preply is an online platform that connects students with tutors for one-on-one lessons. As with any platform, there are both pros and cons to using Preply:


  • Wide range of tutors: Preply has a large pool of tutors worldwide, making it easy to find a tutor who speaks your target language and fits your schedule.
  • Flexible scheduling: Tutors on Preply are available 24/7, so you can book a lesson at a convenient time.
  • Affordable pricing: Preply's pricing is generally lower than what you would pay for in-person traditional language lessons.
  • Variety of lesson types: Preply offers a range of lesson types, including conversation practice, grammar instruction, and exam preparation.
  • Easy payment and cancellation: Payments and cancellations are processed quickly and easily through the platform.


  • Quality of tutors can vary: Because anyone can apply to be a tutor on Preply, the quality of tutors can vary widely. It's important to read reviews and choose a tutor with a strong track record.
  • Technical issues: Technical issues can sometimes arise during online lessons, such as poor internet connection or audio problems.
  • Limited interaction: Because lessons are conducted online, you may get a different level of interaction than you would in person. This can make it more difficult to pick up on nuances of the language.
  • Limited support outside of lessons: Preply's support is limited to scheduling and payment issues. You may need to look elsewhere for additional help with language learning outside of lessons.
  • Preply can be a great option for language learners seeking affordable, flexible, and convenient language instruction.
  • Still, it's important to be aware of the potential drawbacks and choose a tutor carefully to ensure a positive learning experience.

Differences between Preply and Cambly:

Preply and Cambly are both online language learning platforms, but there are some differences between them:

Teaching Approach:

Preply focuses on a more structured learning approach with the ability to choose your own tutor and schedule lessons.

At the same time, Cambly provides more informal conversation-based practice with the option to speak with various tutors on a more ad-hoc basis.

Tutoring Availability:

Preply offers lessons in more than 50 languages, while Cambly is focused on English language learning.


Preply offers a range of pricing options, with tutors setting their rates, while Cambly offers a subscription-based model with unlimited tutor access for a monthly fee.

Tutor Qualifications:

Preply tutors are required to have teaching certifications or relevant experience, while Cambly tutors do not necessarily need formal teaching credentials.


Preply offers features such as lesson plans, progress tracking, and homework assignments, while Cambly focuses more on live video chat with tutors.

Ultimately, the choice between Preply and Cambly will depend on your learning goals, preferences, and budget.

Similarities of Preply and Cambly:

Preply and Cambly are online platforms offering language tutoring services, connecting students with tutors worldwide.

Here are some of the similarities between the two platforms:

Language options:

Both Preply and Cambly offer tutoring services in a variety of languages. Students can find tutors who specialize in languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and more.

Flexible scheduling:

Both platforms offer flexible scheduling options, allowing students to book sessions at times that are convenient for them. This makes it easy for students to fit language learning into their busy schedules.

One-on-one tutoring:

Preply and Cambly provide one-on-one tutoring sessions, giving students personalized attention from their tutors. This allows for a more focused and customized learning experience.

Variety of tutors:

Preply and Cambly have a diverse pool of tutors worldwide, allowing students to work with tutors from different cultural backgrounds and teaching styles.

Overall, Preply and Cambly share many similarities in their approach to language tutoring, offering students the flexibility and personalized attention they need to achieve their language learning goals.

Preply and Cambly, which is the best:

Both Preply and Cambly are good when it comes to learning a new language. But it all comes down to your choice.

And if you wonder which language learning platform is best, the best bet is to build an online language learning platform as you hold control of running a business.

You can use the industry’s best online tutoring software to build your Preply-like platform to host your online classes.

It comes with best-in-class features and allows you to customize the script to suit your needs.

Preply and Cambly are online platforms providing language learning services, but they have different features and target different audiences.

Here's a brief comparison between the two:


  • Offers personalized one-on-one language lessons with professional tutors.
  • Has a broader range of languages available for learning?
  • Provides more advanced tools for scheduling, payments, and lesson materials.
  • Offers a variety of language proficiency tests to help learners track their progress.
  • It tends to be more expensive than Cambly, with prices varying depending on the tutor's experience and expertise.


  • Offers conversational English practice with native English speakers.
  • Provides 24/7 access to tutors, making it more flexible for learners who want to practice anytime, anywhere.
  • Offers a free trial session and a low-cost subscription plan for unlimited tutor access.
  • It has a mobile app that allows learners to practice on the go.
  • Has limited options for learning languages other than English.

Regarding which platform is better, it ultimately depends on your goals and preferences.

If you're looking for personalized language instruction and are willing to pay a higher price, Preply may be the better choice.

However, if you're looking for more casual conversational practice with native speakers and want to save money, Cambly might be a better fit.


Selecting the language learning platform for your English learning (or any other language) doesn't have to be difficult.

You can decide your needs when you want to explore a new language. If you want a well-qualified teacher, choose Preply, and if learning on the go is your priority, try out Cambly.

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