FashionTech Innovations and How to Get a Virtual Phone Number?

Nowadays, almost every sphere can be completed with the ending 'tech.' Fashion is not an exception.

One of the biggest parts of mass culture is becoming increasingly important every day.

The rise of social media makes the concept of looking fashionable crucial in our modern world.

People are getting more and more interested and involved in the sphere of fashion.

Fashion, at the same time, is strongly associated with consumption.

Nobody wants to feel behind. The implementation of technology has made this process even more moving.

FashionTech Innovations and How to Get a virtual phone number: eAskme
FashionTech Innovations and How to Get a virtual phone number: eAskme

FashionTech unites both of these different worlds. It is meant to change the way we choose and buy clothes.

What is more, these technologies are beneficial for those who work in that sphere.

FashionTech is widely used among marketers, producers, fashion journalists, bloggers, and customers.

In this article, we've collected the most interesting FashionTech innovations you can explore to enhance your shopping experience.

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And now, let's continue with the innovations in the sphere of FashionTech.

Virtual reality (VR):

Fashion is all about visuals. This means that virtual reality can become an answer to many questions.

In 2020, during the quarantine, virtual reality has become a massive trend.

It has also served as a huge newsbreak for many fashion brands.

Starting with Nike and finishing with luxury brands like Burberry, Gucci, and Jacquemus.

VR was an incredibly convenient solution.

When you can't visit a real shop, you have no obstacles when visiting a virtual one.

The trend is still growing and getting bigger.

Now you can try new clothes in a virtual fitting room, and you don't even have to touch the items.

Designers and fashion brands can launch their collections virtually in test mode before launching actual clothes.

This may be a big surprise, but virtual pieces can cost more than real ones.

If you are a gamer, you know what we're talking about.

If your avatar or character needs an authentic Hermes bag, be prepared to pay thousands of dollars for it. The future lies in virtual reality.

Even if it seems scary, artificial worlds can become an alternative to real ones.


It isn't easy to imagine modern fashion without resale and vintage.

Resale platforms are getting more and more popular. For example, Poshmark or Oskelly.

There you can even get luxury items for a reasonable price. Their vintage heritage gives them a bit of an emotional value as well.

Developers and tech companies come up with new resale platforms all the time.

The trendiness of resale makes a vintage platform a potentially profitable startup.

Second-hand shopping is nothing to be ashamed of nowadays. Society usually sees it as a sign of a responsible attitude towards clothes and ecology.


You might have noticed that websites always ask for your cookies.

Marketers use this information.

Your online ads and suggestions are based on your preferences, likes, search queries, and other things you might never consider.

The probability of buying something you've been interested in is much higher.

Now this method is widely used in the sphere of e-commerce.

Online shops analyze your cookies to create the most comfortable and suitable space.

The web pages even start to look like your Pinterest page a bit.

The algorithms of online shops are based on what you've been looking for, what you've bought, and what you've liked.

Regarding clothing, the site may suggest what else you can buy to create or complement an outfit.

Some of these shops can even access what you've once said in real life.

Yes, our phones can overhear us to gather personal information for marketing needs.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most important trends in technology in general.

AI always appears to be a huge helper in monotonous and even creative tasks.

Fashion professionals and executives have also found a way to use it to enhance their services.

Fashion journalists use AI to generate texts which, after some corrections, look exactly like the ones written by real people.

Designers use this powerful tool to create templates and patterns. There are many ways to use Artificial Intelligence in fashion tech.

The job of a stylist has become very popular recently. Again, the reason is the significance of an image and personal brand.

The services of a professional stylist can cost a fortune. Usually, they are only available to the rich.

Not everyone is ready to spend much money on stuff like that. AI helps to make styling affordable and available for everyone.

You can easily turn the system into a fashion expert who knows all the current trends and color pallets.

Use it every day to save time and money.

Virtual Fashionistas:

Modern fashion depends on modern bloggers and influencers a lot.

However, have you ever questioned the existence of people you see on Instagram?

This may sound a little bit weird. But it represents the reality we live in very well.

Creating avatars is one of the latest trends.

Designers can make them wear whatever they want. And many people follow these virtual influencers.

Even huge fashion brands, like Balmain, create avatars and special fashion collections for them. This trend may seem controversial.

One of the benefits of this tendency is that fashion houses don't have to scout models who represent their brands perfectly.

They can easily create them.

FashionTech has completely changed the way we understand fashion. On the one hand, there is more space for creativity.

Shopping has become much faster and more convenient.

On the other hand, technology makes everything quicker. Fashion moves very fast.

That's why adaptation can be pretty difficult.

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