Top Innovative Companies that are Real Game Changers!

We've heard a lot about how big businesses build and launch their "unique" and "new" products and services that promise innovation.

But today, we pause to consider the definition of innovation.

Top Innovative Companies that are Real Game Changers!: eAskme
Top Innovative Companies that are Real Game Changers!: eAskme

Just anything new?

Or something modern that transforms life as we know it?

(Consider satellite telephones for phone connections in areas without network coverage that is so cutting-edge that it allows you to get in touch with anyone at any time).

Organizations are at the forefront of this trend and need to expand since the concept of innovation has evolved.

Insights into how organizations can significantly impact their organizations, industries, and society can be found among the groundbreaking innovations on our Most Innovative Companies list.


Twilio's co-founder, CEO, and chairman Jeff Lawson has democratized communication channels like voice, text, chat, video, and email by virtualizing the global communications infrastructure using APIs that are easy to use for any developer while being able to handle the most demanding applications in existence.

Climate TRACE:

Frequently, nations have self-reported their emissions of greenhouse gasses, but the information needs to be more accurate and complete.

Climate TRACE (Tracking Real-time Atmospheric Carbon Emissions), a group of organizations founded in 2020, monitors and maintains estimates of greenhouse gas emissions to provide nations with the knowledge they need to better focus their efforts on climate mitigation.

Climate TRACE, a collaboration with former US vice president Al Gore, combines artificial intelligence and remote sensing to measure emissions in almost real-time independently.

Recently, the corporation has also placed a bet on AI and satellites to help preserve the globe because they can identify emitters to the nation and industry.

Starting in October, it will also be able to spotlight a specific steel mill, cargo ship, or power plant.


Intuit is a worldwide technological platform that aids clients and communities in overcoming their most significant financial obstacles, according to Sasan Goodarzi, CEO.

With TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint, Credit Karma, and Mailchimp, they serve millions of consumers worldwide. They firmly believe everyone should have the chance to flourish and always look for new, cutting-edge methods to make this a reality.


Compared to Google or Facebook, smaller businesses may need more data to detect phony login attempts.

To the rest of the internet, Deduce aims to extend this functionality.

As a result, the business can see developing fraud tactics and coordinated attacks that target the same person in various firms and notify customers about them.


Solar panels are only the beginning of eco-aware homes.

Additionally, there are heat pumps, battery storage, durable roofing, and electrical panel modifications.

Thanks to its underwriting engine and payment plans, GoodLeap has established itself as the technological link between good ideas and the installers, manufacturers, and banks that can make them a reality.

By the end of 2021, according to GoodLeap, it has sponsored over $10 billion worth of sustainable home repair and residential solar projects in the US, including $4.8 billion in just that year.


Giving patients with cardiac disorders a tool to monitor their conditions was the primary motivation for creating Biotricity.

As a result, the business unveiled Bioflux in 2018, a wearable electrocardiogram that operates around the clock and continually gathers and transmits cardiac data, with real-time irregularities tracked by a contact center.

In addition, in November of last year, it introduced Bioheart, a direct-to-consumer wearable EKG that works with a smartphone to improve user tracking of heart health.

A linked thermometer, pulse oximeter, and blood pressure cuff are all included in the company's new Biokit, which enables patients to communicate additional information to their doctors.


The global mental health epidemic is becoming worse and worse since the outbreak. However, the startup Brightline seeks to provide children and their families with essential help. Online coaching programs and virtual therapy sessions make children's behavioral health accessible. Brightline began providing behavioral coaching in addition to standard treatment in 2021, providing more reasonably priced choices for mental healthcare.


BYD, a Chinese battery business financed by Warren Buffett and established in 1995 by chemist Wang Chuanfu, has emerged as a dominant force in the automotive industry.

BYD, which began producing cars in 2002 after purchasing an automaker, increased sales of its hybrid and all-electric passenger vehicles by more than 231% year over year in 2021, selling almost 600,000 of these "new energy" automobiles globally.

This growth was fueled by innovation in fundamental technologies.

BYD was able to sidestep the supply-chain hiccups that hindered other automakers in 2021 by making all of the necessary components for its EVs.

Furthermore, unlike Tesla, BYD produces its own batteries and sells them to other manufacturers.


Digital professionals may freely share their expertise on sites like Twitter and YouTube using the Maven platform.

By emphasizing real-time peer-to-peer learning over the asynchronous approach of online courses, it enables creators and influencers to monetize their talents and expertise.

To use Maven, educators must enroll in a cohort-based training course.

It primarily focuses on current hot subjects like cryptocurrency and the creative economy.

Arctic Wolf:

Human mistakes, such as clicking on a phishing link, account for an astonishing number of security lapses.

So Arctic Wolf started its managed Security Awareness instructional program in May 2021 and assessed an estimated 1.6 trillion events monthly to assist banks, hospitals, and local governments in reducing the danger of cyberattacks.

The program does more than have employees view a dull film on optimal security procedures; it also reinforces information by including them in quick, frequently humorous courses based on current, actual risks many times each month.

High-quality videos with leaderboards make learning fun, and integrated coaching prevents workers from getting lost in challenging tasks.

Global Contact:

Global Touch is a hybrid computing, consumption-era strategy, and go-to-market transformation consulting firm dedicated to its partners and partner ecosystems.

By collaborating with prestigious, profitable businesses and providing partners with attractive prospects, it focuses on growing the income of its clients.


Flexport is a software platform that helps businesses to manage every part of their supply chain. In addition, it seeks to address client issues.

Amid the unrest in the supply chain, Flexport took on the task and brought everything online, from the Asian factories of clients to the trucks that transport goods to fulfillment centers.

Additional information is available as it digitizes more nodes to aid customers in problem-solving and to inform Flexport services like order management, obtaining ocean freight, and to help with customs.

In 2021, the company's revenue from users using its services exceeded $3 billion.

Which of these companies are you counting on to become the next big thing?

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