May 05, 2023

Which Method of Mining Bitcoins is the Best and Most Economical?

The method of mining bitcoins is quite simple.

You may quickly install a Bitcoin mining application, set it up on your pc, and immediately mine it if you don't want to go into the specifics or understand how to set up your cryptocurrency mining gear properly.

Which Method of Mining Bitcoins is the Best and Most Economical?: eAskme
Which Method of Mining Bitcoins is the Best and Most Economical?: eAskme

If you are new to Bitcoin trading, use a reliable platform.

It is decentralized and more valuable because central banks cannot control bitcoins like on paper currencies.

You could even start mining with your current Windows desktop machine!

However, read on if you want to learn how to build a dedicated computer for mining bitcoins and optimizing your software.

7 Best Ways for bitcoin mining:

There are many ways of collecting your Bitcoin but these two software and hardware categories.

1) Wallet Software:

Your bitcoins aren't stored in the wallet since it doesn't keep them (it just accesses the public ledger that contains all transactions made via Bitcoin).

However, the private key must be secured, so the software wallet stores the private key.

The Bitcoin wallet software must only be backed up in a hard drive crash.

2) Bitcoin mining hardware:

A dedicated computer for mining is needed because it's no longer feasible to use an ordinary PC due to the power consumption required for Bitcoin mining.

Instead, the most efficient way to mine bitcoins nowadays is using ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) miners.

Because of this specialization, they're not good at anything else (and also quite expensive due to the amount of circuitry).

A cheap, efficient Bitcoin miner is the downfall of most home mining operations.

Hashing power in pools exists because people realized they could get more hashing power by splitting the work. 

3) Hardware:

The foundation of any mining rig is the graphics cards. Mining is repetitive, so having a decent GPU will improve your bitcoins earnings.

The best graphic cards for mining are the Nvidia GeForce GTX series.

The reason is that they have an excellent hash-to-watt ratio, and their price/performance ratio is very good.

You can also try AMD Radeon graphics cards, but it is advised to use the ATI Stream SDK 2.5, which gives a 33% speed boost to OpenCL-based miners.

4) Used/second-hand hardware:

This is the cheapest option since it doesn't require any initial investment.

An excellent example of a mining pool is BTC Guild which currently has around 22% of overall Bitcoin hashing power.

The downside is that they require a registration fee and take a large percentage of the reward for themselves, but if you want to mine on a large scale, it's one of your only options unless you have lots of money to invest in mining hardware.

5) Cloud mining:

This has the same idea as owning mining hardware but with one difference.

You don't own any physical hardware.

Instead, you rent it from someone else who does.

The best cloud-based mining company is Genesis Mining. This is also an option if you want to buy a hash rate for your mine.

6) Pools:

Joining a mining pool is another way of obtaining bitcoins.

You essentially pool your resources together with other miners.

Then, when the mining pool manages to mine bitcoins, every member in the collection gets a reward according to how much work they contributed.

Many factors influence profitability, including hardware performance, network latency, electricity costs, and mining difficulty, among others, so it's pretty hard to tell what kind of ROI you can expect.

7) Cloud Hosting:

If cloud mining isn't for you, purchasing a hosting package from one of many cloud hosting providers is the last option.

Essentially, this will allow anyone to rent an entire Bitcoin miner and run it wherever they please.

However, because Bitcoin mining produces a lot of heat, you'll need to invest in cooling.

The cost is higher than most dedicated miners, but the hardware runs quietly and uses renewable energy, so it's not all bad.

5 Negatives that can affect Bitcoin mining:

1. Malware:

If your wallet is compromised, you'll lose all your Bitcoins by clicking on a link or opening an attachment containing "malware."

2. Ponzi Schemes:

One of the most significant issues for Bitcoin investors is the rise of Ponzi schemes disguised as cloud mining operations.

If Bitcoin becomes more popular, it will be difficult for central banks to increase the inflation rates.

Bitcoin can help reduce inflation. Several countries suffer from high inflation rates due to political issues or government decisions.

Bitcoin has no association with any central bank and is free from inflationary problems.

3. Bitcoin Mining Scams:

People set up Bitcoin exchange websites and accept funds from customers but do not forward them to their clients or make any withdrawals; in effect, running off with all the money they have collected (Read more about Bitcoin Exchange Scams here).

4. Lack of governmental regulations:

A negative correlation exists between the price and quantity of bitcoins that change hands daily.

For example, you can see how bitcoin prices dropped to $1,000 in early 2018 because the money went out of the market after speculation around ICOs was shut down.

5. Threats from governments:

Sometimes, a government can affect a specific currency or even an entire market through policies and regulations.

For example, South Korea announced that it would ban anonymous trading accounts to prevent cryptocurrencies from using money laundering schemes last year.

This policy change led to the cryptocurrency market crash and took some time to recover.


You can start mining with your current PC at home, but this would mean that you wouldn't be able to use the computer while mining bitcoins due to the massive computing power required.

If you don't want to mine alone, you must join a mining pool or invest in ASIC hardware.

On the other hand, if you're going to earn some extra cash, there are much easier ways to do so online.

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