May 22, 2023

Use Content Intelligence to Unleash the Power of Insights That Matter

Bill gates has once said that “Content is the King.”

He always believed in the future of content marketing.

Do you know that every minute social media receive:
  • More than 400 hours of video content
  • 250k tweets
  • 4million+ Facebook likes
  • 2million+ Instagram likes
Above stats prove the worth of content creating or content marketing.

Every single second billions of words are being shared online.

Now content creators and marketers focus more on content quality than just filling the posts with content.

The ultimate goal of content is to satisfy the needs of marketers and users.

Marketers are focusing on:
When you are living into the world of content you need to understand various things such as;
But today, I am going to talk about something that will boost the growth of your content with intelligence and that is “Content intelligence.”

What is Content intelligence?

Use Content Intelligence to Uncover Insights That Matter: eAskme
Use Content Intelligence to Uncover Insights That Matter: eAskme

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Content intelligence is a powerful marketing strategy. This strategy uses latest technologies such as software’s and artificial intelligence together. These technologies help to process the content data into reliable insights.
In simple words:”content intelligence is the technology that give importance to understand the need and use of content such as;
  • What it is about?
  • How it talks?
  • How effective it is?
  • What emotions it triggers? etc. ”
Content intelligence is there to help marketers view the broader impact of language and use that to turn the content into powerhouse.

Use Content Intelligence to Uncover Insights That Matter: eAskme

Need of Content Intelligence is to understand;

  1. What type of content should create?
  2. How to promote the content?
  3. Which content needs updating?
When it comes to check the content performance most of the world just look at pageviews, social shares, etc.

But, content intelligence focus on how data actually associates with the content.

There are softwares like Atomic reach and Marketo which help marketers to dig deeper to develop better content.

Now the question is how content intelligence can impact the content marketing?

Identify and target audience:

A report from curata says that over 67% marketers focus more on targeting and identification.

Rather than only relying on Google analytics, CRM or surveys, content intelligence use all of the available technologies together.

This filters the pure data with real insights for you.

Such type of data is extremely valuable to create content marketing strategy.

Content mapping:

There is no doubt that competition is tough.

But, targeting right audience with the mind-blowing content is more difficult.

You need to develop thoughtful marketing strategy to effectively target the right audience.

Use Content Intelligence to Uncover Insights That Matter: eAskme

A Thoughtful marketing strategy will help you to create content that will engage the customer with the brand all every stage.

You should also send email making your audience aware about the upcoming events.

This will help you create engaging and valuable content.

Best Content for Right Audience:

Why you are creating content?

You are creating content to reach the target audience and influence them.

To influence the target audience you need to create the best content.

You can use creative visuals, memorable images, videos and infographics to make your content appealing to eyes.

But nothing can work for you if you do not understand what your audience is looking for.

You need to choose the right tool or platform to implement content intelligence strategy.

To get the maximum out of content intelligence you need to collaborate machine learning, AI, login and emotions together.

Best Time Promote you’re Content:

Promotion is the important part of content marketing strategy.

Understand the best times to share the content on social channels.

You may still be using dated strategy to promote content.

Content intelligence also helps you here. With the data you have collected you can make the promotion most effective on social networks.

Improve Your Content:

You may have created excellent content, but with time you may have forgot that piece of content.

You need to keep updating your old content as long as it is relevant for the audience.

If you are using content intelligence platform then to update posts you do not need content calendar.

This is an easy way to update evergreen content.

There is more;

Check this infographic:

Final Words:

Time has come for you to grow and think beyond pageviews, CTR and audience data. It is the time to use big data to produce actionable content.

Industries and brand are already using this content intelligence. It is the secret formula to prepare content to next level.

If you still have any question, Feel free to ask me via comments.

Be happy, Live long!

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