July 05, 2023

Create Lasting Memories: Holidays to Canada

Traveling to Canada is an extraordinary experience.

The possibilities are almost endless, from the vast snow-capped mountains in the East to the vibrant and fast cities in the West!

Whether an epic adventure is wanted or a peaceful and calming getaway, something is available for everyone!

Put yourself in an amazing atmosphere filled with captivating sights and sounds.

Canadian train trips promise travelers of all ages an experience of a lifetime and priceless memories.

So, travelers from Australia, why wait?

Get your passports and visas ready and initiate the trip of a lifetime and pop into Canada on holiday right away!

Advantages of Taking a Train Journey in Canada:

Create Lasting Memories, Holidays to Canada: eAskme
Create Lasting Memories, Holidays to Canada: eAskme

1. Easier Travel and Connectivity:

It is often much easier than other forms of transportation.

Frequent direct routes and connections are available, making the journey hassle-free.

Plus, with faster speeds and modern amenities, trains provide a more efficient and enjoyable way to get to your destination.

2. Comfort:

Train travel in Canada is renowned for its comfort.

First-Class services provide greater comfort and convenience with more legroom, spacious seating, onboard entertainment, and complimentary snacks and drinks.

3. Scenic Views:

It is the best way to see the country's natural beauty.

Canada has diverse landscapes and national parks, providing picturesque views of forests, rivers, and mountains from the train windows.

4. Sightseeing Opportunities:

When you take the train to Canada, you open up to many sightseeing opportunities.

Many scenic routes have stops in cities that are otherwise not easily accessible.

5. Experience Canada in Festive Season:

Witness Canada at Christmas. Feel the winter chills in the snow-covered landscape and get mesmerized by the decorations everywhere.

Come to find warmth and joy in the delightful hospitality of the people.

Enjoy the Christmas activities and cherish fun times with family while traveling by train to the picturesque towns.

Your stay in the historic towns will be truly special.

6. Convenient Connections:

The vastness of Canada makes it difficult to traverse long distances.

Thanks to the conveniently connected routes across the nation that are serviced by trains, it's easy to travel from city to city.

This can save you precious time and money, with no need to book connecting flights or miss out on much-needed rest while on road trips.

7. Different Contexts:

Canada is a diverse land - speaking multiple languages and living many lifestyles.

Nothing can beat a journey by train to appreciate the culture of this nation and truly see what it has to offer.

The ever-changing scenery will capture the eyes of the passengers and will help them gain a unique point of view.

8. Fun and Affordable:

Taking a train in Canada is a pocket-friendly experience.

It is more affordable than opting for flights or long-distance car trips.

The journey can be comfortable and convenient with high speed and multiple entertainment options that make your ride enjoyable.


For an amazingly delightful Canadian countryside experience, Canadian Rail Holidays provide an impressive journey.

From the boundless immense beauty of mountain ranges, spotless glimmering lakes, and airy cities, travelers from Australia can view these wonders from the relaxing comforts of an exclusive train.

Not only do tourists accumulate great memories, but they journey peacefully and securely with bright social distancing.

With premium culinary fare, an onboard movie theater, and selective places where the train halts, Canada Rail vacations keep a permanent impact of the striking beauty of the Canadian land in the hearts of visitors that can't be watched in any other corner of the world.

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