July 28, 2023

Frontier Model Forum: OpenAI, Google, Anthropic, and Microsoft Launched AI Safety Forum

Tech giants and big names in the generative AI industry, such as OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, and Anthropic, have started an AI safety forum named “Frontier Model Forum” to ensure safety when building powerful AIs.

What is Frontier Model Forum?

Frontier Model Forum: OpenAI, Google, Anthropic, and Microsoft Launched AI Safety Forum: eAskme
Frontier Model Forum: OpenAI, Google, Anthropic, and Microsoft Launched AI Safety Forum: eAskme

Frontier Model Forum will ensure companies develop AI with responsibility and user safety.

This forum will do advanced AI research, information sharing, and best practices within governments and companies.

Any organization that wants to develop AI models can be part of AI frontier model safety.

AI or generative AI has raised threats and worries. Governments want to control it, and businesses want to develop more powerful AI models.

The Frontier Model Forum solves the issue as the participating companies are responsible for information sharing and safe AI development.

This forum will also work in collaborative efforts of AI development.

Why the Frontier Model Forum?

Why do companies need the Frontier Model Forum?

Here are a few things that you need to understand:

AI is not only beneficial but also has some potential risks.

AI Safety Forum, Frontier Model Forum will ensure that companies follow the best AI development practices and share knowledge with society, academic institutions, and governments.

Forum will also answer any questions related to AI safety and development.

Frontier Model Forum will coordinate between companies to improve AI research.

It will be more scalable, robust, research access, and detect anomalies and behavior.

It will create transparency between companies and governments regarding AI safety and development.

Requirements to Join the Frontier Model Forum:

An organization developing or deploying AI Frontier models can be part of the Frontier Model Forum. It is a must that organizations focus on the safety of AI frontier models.

  • Forum’s advisory board will set guidelines that organizations must follow.
  • Founding organizations of the Frontier Model Forum will set a charter, funding, governance, and arrangements with the board and working teams.
  • The government and civil society will also guide the Frontier Model Forum.
  • AI forum will work on ensuring safety, deep research, and a healthy AI ecosystem.

AI Safety with Red Teaming:

Anthropic’s Red Teaming strategy will ensure AI safety for humans. It will help to make upcoming AI models secure.

The Red Teaming strategy analyzes risk and sets working practices to improve AI safety.

Anthropic’s study has revealed that unmanaged AI models can threaten humanity. Organizations have also discovered ways to control AI.

The Frontier Model Forum will work with experts to identify threats and create an automatic evaluation of these threats.

With little mitigation, AI models can improve results.

Anthropic’s frontier model is already using these mitigations.

AI Giants and AI Safety:

White House has released a fact sheet where they have asked for a commitment from 7 AI giants such as:

  • OpenAI
  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Anthropic
  • Meta
  • Inflection

The government wants to hold companies responsible and accountable for AI threats and AI safety.

The US government wants to ensure that the highest standard of practices and safety should be used when dealing with AI in the future.

AI development should continue without harming the American citizen’s interests.

3 Basic principles of At Giants are:

  1. Safety
  2. Security
  3. Trust

It is a must that every organization completes all the internal and external tests before launching the final AI product in the market. Organizations must assess the effects on society, biosecurity, and cybersecurity.

The Frontier Model Forum focuses on AI safety and security within the public interest.

Companies should also tell the user if the content is Ai-generated or not.

Organizations should also reveal any development and update in AI models or technology.

Tech giants are developing AIs that are advanced and will do more than we can do with AI technology right now.

The US government wants to create an international framework for AI development and use.

AI Safety and Public Sentiment:

OpenAI’s initiative with The Government Lab and Citizens Foundation has helped the company to understand what people think about AI, safety, and its future.

They have created a website to discuss the potential risks of Large Language Models.

Citizens can vote on AI safety using AllOurIdeas.

In Pairwise voting, the user gets two threats, and he must choose his priority.

All this effort is to understand public sentiment about AI's future threats.

Voting has helped companies to understand that people want safe AI development.

The top 3 Popular Ideas used in AI voting are:

  1. AI Models should be practical, intelligent, and understand biased data.
  2. Impartial AI technology is the need of the time.
  3. AI aiding should not interfere with development.

Three unpopular Ideas are:

  1. AI should not make decisions related to national and international security.
  2. The government should guide AI companies.
  3. AI should not be used for religious or political purposes.


The future of AI relies on its safe and secure behavior. Companies already use Ai tools and models to generate text, images, videos, research, marketing, etc.

The Frontier Model Forum will help to develop safe AI models that should not bother human interest.

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