August 05, 2023

Brave Search Standalone Image Index and Video Index Launched

Brave Search is getting out of the Bing search shadows. In a recent update, Brave Search launched a standalone image search index to freely index images without relying on Google and Bing.

You will now see fresh and updated images and videos in the Brave search index.

The most significant change is that Brave used Google and Bing images earlier, but now it is an independent image search and video search engine.

Brave Search Standalone Image Index and Video Index Launched: eAskme
Brave Search Standalone Image Index and Video Index Launched: eAskme


Brave Search Standalone Image Index and Video Index:

The reason that Brave Company is giving is that they want to ensure privacy and avoid censorship.

Brave has published a post announcing the launch of privacy-savvy image and video search indexing of its own. The company clarifies that Brave will not source images from Google and Bing.

It also helps the Brave search engine as users will not leave the Brave search engine to find images or videos in search results.

To make it possible brave has stopped using Bing search API to source images and videos.

Till now, Brave is still allowing you to visit Google and Bing image or video searches. But soon, they will empower their own image and video search index.

Brave is still empowering its image and video search index. So temporarily, you will use pictures and videos from Google or Bing.

There are two reasons why Brave has Introduced an Independent Image search index:

  • Independent Image Search
  • Prevent Censorship

Why Brave Want Independent Image Search?

Image and video searches and becoming popular day by day. People are more interested in searching for videos and images on search engines.

Using search engines to find images can also harm privacy, as search engines index every image they see on social media.

Brave image search index understands the need for privacy and personal choice. So, they make the Search anonymous and private.

Brave Search will also become independent from Bing Images and Google Images with the Image search index.

Prevent Censorship:

Brave search engine follows the idea of self-reliance and preventing censorship.

The Brave wants to ensure image search and search engines should stay independent.

Brave has become a powerful alternative to Google Search and Bing Search. It is popular among privacy lovers.


Like DuckDuckGo, Brave also wants to make its name as the biggest privacy-savvy search engine with independent image and video search capabilities.

The new Brave image search index will surely help them achieve success as users are more interested in privacy these days.

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