September 05, 2023

4 Easiest Countries to Obtain a Residence Permit: Choose Yours Today!

When planning to move to another place in the world or expand their business in Europe, many people wonder where it will be easier to obtain a residence permit. It is a fair question because some states do not need an influx of new citizens and remain closed to immigrants. Others are only happy with foreigners, so they create comfortable programs to attract people.

Europe is characterized by a high standard of living and social norms, stability, and security, attracting many foreign citizens every year. Each has different motives, but the goal is the same - to obtain a residence permit and legal stay on the state territory. With such a status, a person automatically opens many exciting opportunities for himself.

There are several ways to get what you want. For example, you can read more about investment immigration countries that offer to participate in a particular program and acquire a second passport. Having invested money in the economy of the chosen country, you can travel visa-free to Europe and Great Britain, open your own business, and enjoy privileges in the tax system.

What Is a Residence Permit?

4 Easiest Countries to Obtain a Residence Permit: Choose Yours Today!: eAskme
4 Easiest Countries to Obtain a Residence Permit: Choose Yours Today!: eAskme

First, it is a document issued to a foreign citizen or stateless person confirming his right to permanent residence. It gives the following possibilities:

  • transfer business to a new country;
  • get a loan with favorable terms;
  • Open accounts in prestigious banks
  • enjoy free movement to different parts of the world;
  • study at local universities.

This document often certifies identity and gives the right to enter the country's territory without problems.

Benefits of Residency:

During the status validity period, it can reside in the country, conduct business activities, purchase real estate, and cross the border as often as required. It is also possible to join the ranks of students of public and private institutions, use medical services, and obtain a driver's license.

Other residence permit benefits include finding a job in any field. It is also possible to freely use almost any social preferences.

Key Requirements for Residency:

There are several ways to obtain status. The most common ones include getting a job, attending school, or marrying a citizen of the preferred country. Almost every state offers optimal conditions for an investor, business people, scientists, and highly specialized experts.

A residence permit by investment is, of course, available. There are several ways to get it:

  • Purchase of a house or apartment - investments start from 250 thousand euros;
  • Investing in the economy - it is officially possible to do it in any European country, although only a few attract favorable conditions;
  • Opening a business - creating jobs is also a possibility.

The specific requirements vary - depending on the program and the country you intend to visit. The way of obtaining the status also affects the requirements you will have to meet. For example, residence by investment can be realized in 2-3 months, while the usual one - from 6 to 12 months. You will not need to pass a language test in the first case, but you will have to do so in the second case. The mandatory residence period in the case of investment is up to 7 days per year, while in the case of ordinary residence - 183 days per year.

The 4 most straightforward residence permits:

According to Passportivity experts, there are four ways to realize the idea. It is worth analyzing them in detail.


If you visit sunny Malta, even as a tourist, you will want to stay there forever. A pleasant weather and comfortable climate all year round contributes to this. The state offers to get a residence permit after the real estate purchase, supporting the person's interest in immigration. The minimum investment threshold is 500 thousand euros. A non-resident is invited to consider renting if he does not own such a sum.


Entrepreneurs receive residency by investment in the economy. For example, you can invest at least 1 million euros in a company with local registration. Another popular way among business people is to open their enterprise with ten or more jobs.

The applicant can include the whole family in the program without additional costs.


Registration of status there takes an average of one month. Together with the primary holder, his children, companions, and parents participate in the program. Holders can open a bank account and get tourist visas to the UK, USA, and Schengen countries.


Real estate prices depend on the region and total area. In addition to investments, obtaining a residence permit by studying in the country, family reunification, and work-related relocation is possible.


Greece is also a great place to live or settle. You can easily get residence permit by investing 250,000 euros in the real estate. But there are also other ways of acquiring residency in Greece and this team of local immigration lawyers can help you -


Having studied the ways of realization of plans to improve the quality of life and change the place of residence, you can choose the most acceptable one.

There are also other countries in which you could get residency quite easy, such as Poland, Ireland or even Switzerland. For example, if you are interested in moving to a Swiss city, you should know that you must obtain first a temporary residency permit and after some time you can convert it in a permanent one and, eventually, after some years, apply for citizenship if that is what you would like to do. A similar process for obtaining citizenship is available in Ireland, so the main rule is to obtain Irish permanent residency first and then apply for citizenship.

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