July 31, 2023

8 Key Benefits of Malta Citizenship

Maltese law permits citizenship granting to persons ready to contribute to the country's development.

Applying a simplified procedure is possible, which is faster but more expensive.

The standard procedure allows you to obtain a passport within five years.

What is the Malta Citizenship Program?

8 Key Benefits of Malta Citizenship: eAskme
8 Key Benefits of Malta Citizenship: eAskme

The island country attracts many people. The reason is simple - Malta citizenship offers many advantages. The most important of them are:

  • Unlimited residence in the state.
  • The visa-free regime in 187 countries.
  • The possibility of settling in the Schengen zone under a simplified procedure.

Benefit 1: Freedom of Movement

Maltese citizens can enter countries with closed borders for foreigners.

Malta is a member of the EU, and citizens of a European Union country can travel freely within the Schengen area without visas and stay in their territory for 90 days.

However, this period can be extended if there is a need to do so.

Benefit 2: High Standard of Living

Malta offers high-quality medical care that will be available to the holder of a Malta passport.

The country is one of the 30 countries where the quality of medical care is higher than in Israel and America.

A Maltese citizen can receive medical care in Great Britain, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Liechtenstein. In this case, Malta's citizenship benefits are undeniable.

The conditions of services are the same as for residents of any of these countries who have insurance.

Malta is a safe country to live in, and it is among the top 20 countries where residents can feel protected.

Studies have been conducted considering the frequency of natural disasters, the risk of terrorism, the number of crimes, and traffic accidents.

If we consider the crime rate as a separate criterion, the indicator in Malta is significantly lower than in the Netherlands, Denmark, and Ireland.

This state is safe for women, as there are fewer risks of assault here than in other European countries.

Malta is a country with a clean environment. It is actively involved in a project designed to improve people's lives by respecting the planet.

The Maltese government has developed a strategy to move towards a green economy.

The country has invested in wastewater treatment, improving water quality in the sea around the Maltese Islands. The state's coastline is considered one of the best in the EU.

Benefit 3: Business Opportunities

Maltese citizens do not need a permit to get a job or start a business.

Bringing a business to the European market is very profitable, so obtaining citizenship for businessmen brings many advantages.

Pros of Malta citizenship are apparent: you can quickly get a job in any of the EU countries with a passport of this state.

It is not necessary to obtain additional authorization for this. The same social security and taxation rules apply to such citizens as those residing there.

Benefit 4: Favorable Tax System

Citizens of Malta can become tax residents in this country.

Moreover, the taxation system here can be much more favorable than the citizen's country of origin.

Malta has no wealth tax and no annual property tax.

In some cases, inheritance tax may not be charged, for example, if the heir receives the object in the place of residence of his parents.

The owners of company shares in Malta can get back the corporate tax - 100%.

These are the benefits of a Malta passport.

Benefit 5: Efficient Citizenship Acquisition Process

It is necessary to collect a list of documents and fulfill three conditions stipulated by the procedure to get citizenship through naturalization:

Invest in the country's development. The amount is 750,000 euros if the investor decides to obtain citizenship within one year.

If the investor is ready to wait three years, the amount will be 600,000, which is 150,000 lower than under the accelerated procedure.

The charitable donation is 10,000 euros. For this, the investor must choose one charitable organization and contribute money to its development.

Purchase of real estate or rent - the purchase price of the real estate must not be lower than 700,000 euros. In the case of renting, the annual payment must be at least 16,000 euros.

There are also additional costs for government fees and other expenses.

Benefit 6: Dual Citizenship Permitted

Investors can retain their existing citizenship as Malta authorizes two passports.

The problem can arise if the country of the investor's citizenship prohibits the acquisition of a second passport," says the specialist at Immigrant Invest Vladlena Baranova.

Benefit 7: English as an Official Language

English-speaking immigrants feel free on the territory of the state.

Maltese nationality speaks English, so it is easy for new citizens to adapt to their new residence because they do not need to learn another language.

It is also an excellent opportunity to improve your language skills by communicating with native speakers.

Benefit 8: Rich Culture and Heritage

The rich cultural heritage of the state is also worthy of attention.

The sights of the islands are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Immigration to this country allows you to get to know them.


Like any other residency, the Maltese one has its disadvantages.

High expenses can be a significant obstacle to obtaining a Maltese passport.

Considering all advantages of Мalta citizenship and weaknesses, everyone can evaluate how beneficial this citizenship is for him.

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