October 16, 2023

AWP | Asiimov in CS2: Review, Design, Price

By Sona Mathews

CS2 has certainly delivered on its promise, offering players a revitalized experience within the beloved first-person shooter franchise.

Since the announcement of its highly-anticipated release, one topic that has consistently ignited the fervor of the gaming community is the captivating world of skins, with particular emphasis on the iconic AWP | Asiimov.

AWP | Asiimov in CS2: Review, Design, Price, counter strike 2: eAskme
AWP | Asiimov in CS2: Review, Design, Price, counter strike 2: eAskme

The CS2 Release:

Valve, the visionary mind behind the Counter-Strike series, succeeded in captivating the hearts of gamers. CS2 is an innovative and progressive evolution of the franchise.

Within its digital realm lies a new game engine, a canvas for enhanced graphics, a playground for refined gameplay mechanics, and a trove of enhancements.

Weapons look better, including the iconic awp asiimov, and classic maps are improved, too. 

These meticulously crafted transformations are ushering the franchise into the modern gaming era while preserving the essence of Counter-Strike.

Now that CS2 has been released, players can prepare to be transported to an entirely new level of immersion.

The game charts a course toward a gaming experience like never before, leveraging the latest technology to unveil breathtaking visuals and gameplay so authentic that it draws players into the heart-pounding world of counter-terrorism and covert operations.

In the gaming community, there were whispers that CS2 may indeed feature upgraded matchmaking and anti-cheat systems, finally addressing the long-standing concerns that have lingered within the CS:GO community for far too long.

However, two weeks after the release, it seems that the anti-cheat system doesn't work as we all hoped. So, fingers crossed, there will be an improvement soon.

The Evolution of Skins:

One of the defining features of the Counter-Strike series is the inclusion of weapon skins.

These cosmetic items not only allow players to customize their weapons but have also become a form of expression and status within the gaming community. The AWP | Asiimov skin is a prime example.

In CS:GO, AWP | Asiimov quickly became a fan favorite due to its futuristic and sleek design. The skin features a vibrant orange, white, and black color scheme with intricate patterns and a sci-fi aesthetic.

It is highly sought after by players and collectors alike, often fetching high prices in the CS:GO skin market. The difficulty in finding it in a Factory New exterior only adds to its allure, making it even more popular.

In CS2, AWP | Asiimov has been transformed to match the game's updated visual style. While the core design elements remain the same, the skin now benefits from the improved graphics and textures of the new game engine.

The result is a skin that looks even better in CS2, with enhanced details, textures, and reflections.

Price Comparison

With CS2 already making waves in the gaming world, the curious minds of players and collectors naturally ask how skin prices measure up against their CS:GO predecessors.

Navigating the ever-shifting currents of the skin market makes precise price comparisons a tricky task, yet we can look at the current prices two weeks after the game launch.

As the market for CS2 skins settles, AWP | Asiimov has emerged as a hot topic among enthusiasts and investors alike. The skin's price in CS2 has yet to change notably.

For those looking to acquire AWP | Asiimov in CS2, a Well-Worn exterior currently commands a price of around $130, whereas its StatTrak™ Well-Worn counterpart is valued at approximately $250.

The Field-Tested version, known for its balance between wear and affordability, sits at an average price of $180, while the StatTrak™ Field-Tested variant is notably higher at approximately $400.

Collectors who don't mind a little wear on their skin can pick up the Battle-Scarred version for approximately $100, and the StatTrak™ Battle-Scarred version is listed at around $200.

Choosing AWP | Asiimov: For the Sharpshooter and Collector

AWP | Asiimov appeals to two distinct groups within the Counter-Strike community: the sharpshooters and the collectors. For sharpshooters, this skin is more than just a cosmetic enhancement; it's a symbol of precision and skill.

The distinctive design of AWP | Asiimov stands out on the battlefield, making it a statement piece for players who take pride in their marksmanship.

The futuristic aesthetics not only make the weapon visually striking but can also serve as a psychological advantage, instilling confidence in one's abilities.

On the other hand, collectors are drawn to AWP | Asiimov for its rarity and historical significance.

Owning this skin, especially in its CS2 incarnation, represents a piece of gaming history and the enduring appeal of certain cosmetic items.

Whether you're a player seeking a competitive edge or a collector looking to curate a unique inventory, AWP | Asiimov is a compelling choice.

Buying and Selling on DMarket:

When it comes to buying or selling CS:GO and CS2 skins, DMarket has consistently been a popular choice among gamers.

It provides a secure and user-friendly platform for trading skins, with a vast selection of items from both versions.

For those looking to purchase AWP | Asiimov or any other skins, DMarket has a wide range of options, including various wear levels and float values.

The platform also provides detailed information about each skin, allowing buyers to make informed decisions.

Selling skins on DMarket is equally straightforward. Sellers can list their items for sale, set their desired prices, and reach a global audience of potential buyers. DMarket's reputation for safety and reliability makes it a trusted choice for skin trading.


With CS2 already released, the excitement for AWP | Asiimov has reached a fever pitch.

With its futuristic and striking design, it continues to captivate players, and its pricing reflects the ongoing passion for collecting and trading rare in-game items in CS2.

It will be intriguing to observe how these prices evolve as the CS2 community further establishes its unique economy.

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