November 23, 2023

What is Google Performance Max? Benefits and Best Ways to Use it.

What is Google Performance Max? How can it affect your PPC advertising? If you haven't used PPC ads on Google, you already know what Performance Max is.

Performance Max is one of the most essential platforms if you want to run PPC ads on Google.

Google has launched performance Macs in 2021. It is a PPC campaign type that has attracted criticism and praise simultaneously. Nowadays, with artificial intelligence becoming part of every industry, you cannot ignore the importance of Performance Max.

Today, you will learn what Performance Max is and how you can use it to optimize your ad campaigns.

So let's start with Performance, Max.

Google Performance Max: What is it? Benefits and Best Ways to Use it?: eAskme
Google Performance Max: What is it? Benefits and Best Ways to Use it?: eAskme

Google Performance Max:

Performance Max is an automated campaign type that you see in Google ads.

PMax add type utilizes Google's machine learning to drive better conversions.

You can use Performance Max for:

  • Search
  • Maps
  • Display
  • Gmail
  • YouTube
  • Discover

With the help of Performance Max, campaigns and ads are automatically created from the inputs provided by advertisers, such as display ads and responsive search.

The reason behind the popularity of Performance Max is that it increases the conversion at the campaign level.

How does Performance Max increase conversion?

Even if you are using a PMax campaign, most advertisers need help understanding how it helps boost conversions. Better innovative building technology running behind Performance Max that helps to achieve better goals.

Performance Max uses multiple factors to optimize ad campaigns for better conversion, such as;

  • Attribution
  • Audiences
  • Bidding strategy
  • Creatives
  • Budget optimization

As an advertiser, you must work on using the best inputs for AI technologies to get the best result from Performance Max.

Now, let's talk about the inputs you should provide to optimize the Performance Max campaign.

Budget and Bidding:

In Google ads, bidding should be focused on either conversions or conversion value.

Choose ad spend and cost per action.

Use the different bids for new customers.It is best that you set a higher bid for new customers.

To target new customers, use the following inputs:

Choose "Maximize Conversion value" in the bidding strategy.

Make sure that the audience segment must have at least 1000 members.

Ad Scheduling, Location, and Language:

Next, you will choose location, target language, and ad scheduling.

If you're updating multiple locations, then it is a must to use PMax campaigns.

Go to the advanced search settings and add multiple locations manually.

Now you can set target language and ad schedule.

Pmax Automatically Created Assets:

You will find "Automatically Created Assets" in the Performance Max settings.

Default settings allow Google to use text assets and your final URL to create new assets automatically for your ads.

During these settings, you will see ad campaigns related to your domain, other ads, and landing pages.

Google can also search for other URLs relevant to send traffic. If you need clarification on whether any other speech has better value, turn off the settings.

Pmax Assets Groups:

Performance Max Asset Groups are where most things happen.

You will set the following assets:

  • Audience signal
  • Business name
  • call to action
  • descriptions
  • final URL
  • headlines
  • images
  • logos
  • long headlines
  • site links
  • videos

Consider audience signals as audience suggestions.

When you add audience signals, you tell Google's Performance Max campaign to use these signals to create campaigns.

We will also use these signals to create relevant ads for similar target audiences.

You can additionally add more asset types, such as:

  • Calls
  • Callouts
  • Display path
  • Lead forms
  • Prices
  • Promotions
  • Structured snippets

Performance Max, Demand Gen ads, Search Ads: Differences

Performance Max is related to optimizing your ad campaign using automatically generated ad sets.

You can use Performance Max to optimize ads with keyword-based campaigns.

Here are the three significant differences:

  • Targeting
  • Intention
  • Placements

Placement is the most significant difference between them.

Performance Max ads are displayed across Google products such as Search, Maps, Discovery, Gmail, and YouTube.

Demand Gen ads are displayed on Gmail, YouTube, and Discover.

Search campaign ads only on Google search and partner websites.

There is another difference based on user intent:

  • Performance max campaign focuses on the target audience without knowing user intent.
  • Demand Gen Ads focus on users who display interest.
  • Search ad campaigns focus on users with higher intent.

Another difference is content-type:

  • Performance Max uses audience signals with machine learning.
  • Search ads use keyword targeting.
  • Demand Gen Ads target users based on behavior and interests.

Choose the ad campaign according to your objectives or goals.

Benefits of Performance Max:

There are various benefits of using Performance Max ad campaigns.

The significant benefits of using Performance Max are:


Performance Max is powered by machine learning. It learns from user behavior, trends, and changes in the market.

Automatic bidding:

Automatic bidding is another feature that optimizes your ads for maximum benefits.

Easy Campaign Management:

With automation and reporting, Performance Max saves you a lot of time.


Performance Max campaign lets Google test different formats to choose the best ad combination for you.

Cross-Platform ad campaign:

If you want to target multiple platforms with one ad, you must choose Performance Max.

Why Performance Max?

Check the following to know if Performance Max is right for you:

  • Budget
  • Creative assets
  • Quick sale or purchase

Most of the eCommerce advertisers choose Performance Max over other ad types.

Large and small businesses can also boost sales with the help of PMax ads.

Performance Max is not the best for lead generation.

Pmax is not for advertisers with a limited budget.

You will get the best results if you spend $100/day for the next 30 days. This way, Pmax gathers enough data to create the best-optimized ad campaigns.

If you have limited assets, then you should choose Performance Max.

Best Ways to Use Performance Max:

At Pmax, you will get everything in settings.

Performance Max is filled with automatic capabilities. But with your input, it will produce the desired results.

If you do not want to make PPC mistakes, then you should know how to use PMax.

Here are the best ways to optimize and use Performance Max campaigns:

Accurate Conversation Tracking:

Performance Max needs conversion data to produce and create ad sets. You can only see relevant results if you add the right conversion points.

Pmax is best if you display every step of your conversion.

Bidding Strategy:

Your bidding strategy is essential for Performance Max ad results.
Do not use branded terms because they have a limited audience.

Optimize Automated Assets:

Take control of your Pmax automated settings. Turn off URL expansion if you want to send your target audience to a specific page only.

Audience Signal Setting:

Use high-intent audience signals to maximize the benefits of your Performance Max campaigns.
Add purchase or customer data, in-market audiences, custom audiences, and website visitors' engagement.

Negative Keywords:

Pmax allows you to remove specific keywords using the negative keywords section.

Add branded queries using negative keywords to exclude them.

You want to use something other than ad-spend on those already interested in your brand.


Advertisers find Performance Max a very effective tool to optimize ads for better performance.

It is easy to manage your ads and target multiple locations with Pmax.

Add clear goals, directions, objectives, and targeting for the best results.

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