November 07, 2023

Google Launched Generative AI Features in Performance Max Platform

Google's Performance Mas is getting Generative AI features to help marketers create and customize images and text for ad campaigns.

Right now, Generative AI features in the Performance Max platform are under beta version and only available for U.S. advertisers or marketers.

The company is letting advertisers use generative AI features to customize text and images for ad campaigns. Advertisers can generate new images or scale images.

Google Launched Generative AI Features in Performance Max Platform: eAskme
Google Launched Generative AI Features in Performance Max Platform: eAskme

If you do not know what Performance Max is, It is a Google AI-powered platform which was launched in 2021. It covers search, display, YouTube and other Google products.

You can use Performance Max to optimize ads by using performance data and create assets using Generative AI.

How to Get Started with Generative AI in Performance Max?

There are two ways to use Generative AI features in the Performance Max:

  • If you are creating a new Performance Max campaign, then you will see "Asset Generation" after "Campaign settings."
  • If you are creating another asset group in an already existing Performance Max campaign. In that case, you need to click the "+" icon to create a new asset group to see the "Asset Generation" feature.

After clicking "Asset Generation," you will also get A headlines, long headlines, descriptions, and suggestions. It will also include your logo and business name.

More Creative Control:

Google is offering marketers a creative control to the advertise in Asset Generation. You can discard the assets that you do not want to use and find meaningless.

You can also test multiple background and product images before making the final decision.

Generate or use the following assets in the Performance Max:

Generate Text Assets:

You can generate text headlines and descriptions using generative AI features. Google will automatically generate multiple headlines and descriptions based on your product, service and website summary.

You can also generate your headlines or descriptions by clicking on "Generate Healines," or "Generate Descriptions."

Choose the best and save them.

Generate Image Assets:

You can generate image assets in Performance Max using Google AI features. Generative AI will suggest images based on the Performance of your website, product, services, used assets and stock assets.

You can view more images by clicking on the "+ Images."

Click on "Generate Images" to generate images on your own for your Performance Max campaign.

Use Logo and Business name:

If you have been using a logo and business name in previous campaigns, then Google AI will automatically add them to your new campaign for the same website.

If you have not used the logo till now, then you will get logo suggestions to add to your campaign.

Video Assets:

Google AI will automatically create videos using your assets that you can use in your ad campaign.

Google Makes Generative AI Responsible:

Google has created AI features that prevent insensitive and policy-violating creations. The new and upcoming AI tools and features from Google will ensure responsible AI in use.

Google has also published a blog post that generative AI is still in the experimental phase. You may get offensive and inaccurate content. So don't overly rely on Generative AI features in Google Ads for legal, professional, financial, and medical services.


Generative AI is becoming part of every Google Platform, from search to YouTube. Google is still working to make AI responsible and user-friendly.

Meta has also launched generative AI features for marketers.

The company is testing various AI features and tools to ensure the creation of the best AI tools and features for marketers, advertisers and content creators.

You must check the AI-generated content in the Performance Max platform to ensure that it is according to Google's advertising policies.

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