December 29, 2023

Andre Darque's Net Worth! How much is Darque Worth? His Bio, Wiki, Ex-wife Syren De Mer

Andre Darque's net worth is giving dreams to many living in the art industry. But it is necessary to know the hard work and time that he has invested to earn that much worth. Andre has earned not only money but also a name and fame.

Before you know the net worth of Andre Darque, here is everything that you must know about him.

Who is Andre Darque?

Andre Darque's Net Worth! How much is Darque Worth? His Bio, Wiki, Ex-wife Syren De Mer: eAskme
Andre Darque's Net Worth! How much is Darque Worth? His Bio, Wiki, Ex-wife Syren De Mer: eAskme

Andre Darque is one of the most popular multi-talented artists and the ex-husband of adult film actress Syren De Mer. Even though he is famous for his art, yet, he does not have a Wikipedia page.

Andre Darque' has made headlines not because of his work but because of his divorce and relationship with Syren De Mer.

It is time to dig more into the life of Andre Darque.

Andre Darque Net Worth:

Andre Darque is a famous artist from the USA. His art has inspired many other artists to follow his path. His hard work has earned him a $2 million net worth in the art industry.

Andre Darqu's monthly salary is about $30,000, and their annual salary is around $150,000. As of 2024, Andre's net worth crossed $2 million.

Andre Darque's Early Life:

Andre Darque's personal and early life is not in the public domain. Yet, we have discovered a few things during our research.

Andre Darque is an American artist. He is 5.11' tall. His estimated Weight is 75KGs. He is active in the art industry and still making good money.

Andre Darque's Ex-Wife Syner De Mer:

Andre Darque's life is private. Yet, he married adult film actress Syner De Mer, whose personal and career are available online. Both started dating in Seattle, Washinton. Soon, they got married. After two children, they divorced for good.

Syren De Mer:

Syren De Mer is an American actress born on 24th June 1969 in Washington. She also started dating Andre Darque in Seattle, Washington. Their love has made headlines since they got married. Syren De Mer also graduated in art and photography. Syren De Mer has made a lasting impact on Andre Darque, even when they are not together anymore.

Andre Darque height, Weight:

Andre Darque is 75kg and 5'11 feet tall. He is healthy and currently working on his art. He is living a healthy life.

Andre Darque's age is not mentioned anywhere on the internet. You will find very few details about Andre Darque's life.

Andre Darque's Career and Growing Net Worth:

Andre Darque's net worth is growing year after year. In 2017, his net worth was half a million, which crossed $2 million in 2024.

Andre has significantly increased his net worth. He has added more than half a million every year to his net worth.


Andre Darque's life and net worth are explained here. Even though he does not have a Wikipedia page, he has managed to earn wealth with his passionate career.

His finances are increasing, and it is expected that it will go beyond $3 million by the end of 2024.

More updates are coming soon.

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