December 26, 2023

Theresa Cachuela Social Media Influencer Killed In Front of 8-Year-Old Child, Her Net Worth, Life, Career, Bio, and Husband

Hawaiian social media influencer Theresa Cachuela, age 33, was shot dead by her husband in front of her 8-year-old child.

Who was Theresa Cachuela? What was her net worth? Why was she famous? Who killed her?

Let's find the answers!

Theresa Cachuela:

Theresa Cachuela Social Media Influencer Shot Dead In Front of 8-Year-Old Child,, net worth, life, career, husband: eAskme
Theresa Cachuela Social Media Influencer Shot Dead In Front of 8-Year-Old Child,, net worth, life, career, husband: eAskme

Theresa Cachuela is a US-based social media influencer. She was born in 1990 in Waianae, Hawaii. Stephen Johnson and Lucita Ani-Nihoa were her parents. She was shot dead in 2023.

She had three kids. Theresa is well known for her Instagram account and beauty content. Her 8-year-old daughter witnessed the incident when her father shot her mother in the Pearlridge Center parking lot.

Theresa Cachuela Net Worth:

Theresa Cachuela’s estimated net worth is $500,000. She is known for her Instagram videos and House of Glam Hawaii LLC, a beauty salon and spa. Her business makes money by selling facial services, waxing, microblading, extensions, etc.

Theresa Cachuela had 40000+ followers on Instagram. Her followers called her “Biontiti.”

Theresa has earned her net worth from brand collaborations and the content she posts on social media sites.

Theresa Cachuela’s Height, Weight, and Hair Color?

Theresa Cachuela was 5’4 feet long. Her weight was 58 kg, and she had brown hair and brown eyes.

Who killed Theresa Cachuela?

After killing his wife, Jason Cachuela fled from the crime scene and shot himself.

Theresa, the 8-year-old daughter, explained the tragedy to the local news channels. Just two weeks ago, Theresa received protection against her husband.

It is a tragic incident for a kid who has witnessed her mother killed by her father and lost both parents.
Theresa already received death threats from her husband, but local authorities have never arrested him. He also threatened to kill their two kids.

On the other hand, Jason’s attorney said his client never threatened Theresa.

Theresa Cachuela was married to Jason Cachuela for ten years.

Theresa Cachuela FAQs:

Is Theresa Cachuela Alive?

No, Theresa Cachuela died in 2023.

Why Theresa Cachuela is Popular?

Theresa Cachuela is popular for her beauty salon and beauty content on Instagram.

What was Theresa Cachuela other Name?

Theresa Cachuela's other name is Biontiti.

How Many Kids does Theresa Cachuela have?

Theresa Cachuela had 3 kids.

Who killed Theresa Cachuela?

Theresa Cachuela's estranged husband Jason Cachuela killed her in front of her kid.


Theresa Cachuela earned a $500,000 net worth from her beauty skills, social media profile, hard work, and love for the beauty niche. She died in 2023 but will always be remembered as a caring mother and professional woman.

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