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Social Media Influencers and Your PR Strategy

Social media influencers are new yet growing role taking over the Internet right now.

These internet celebrities, whose history can be dated back to the early 2000s when digital blogs and platforms were first emerging, develop their fame and notability through the Internet, with millions of people listening to their advice and following their footsteps.

The fact is that in this modern day in age, social media influencers hold a significant amount of power.

Social Media Influencers and Your PR Strategy: eAskme
Social Media Influencers and Your PR Strategy: eAskme

A massive 85 percent of users trust the content created by influencers more than the content that comes directly from the brand they advertise.

Nearly 50 percent of people say they rely on influencers' recommendations when deciding what to purchase.

Their power is rising, so it makes sense to collaborate with influencers to boost your brand awareness.

Many PR firms will have validated contacts with which they can work to support a brand as they work hard toward their goals.

What do you need to know about social media influencers and how they can help your pr strategy?

The Pros and Cons:

There are two classifications of social media influencers, each with pros and cons.

On the one hand, you have micro-influencers. These have a smaller following, with 1,000 to 5,000 followers for brand advocates and between 5,000 to 25,000 followers for general micro-influencers.

These influencers tend to be much more reasonably priced; they have solid and honest relationships with their followers and have a reasonable engagement rate.

However, their visibility and reach could be improved due to having fewer followers, while their results are difficult to measure.

They are saying that you are likely to see more returns when you work with local micro-influencers, as even though their followers may be comparatively few, you will be working more closely with your target audience.

On the other hand, there are macro influencers. Medium influencers can have between 100,000 and 250,000 followers, while celebrities have over 7 million followers.

Their reach and visibility are much more significant.

The results are also easier to measure and show excellent professionalism due to their reach and experience. The downside is that they are much more expensive.

You also may lose some control over your content as they can be more demanding on how the content will be presented. They also are more likely to be working with your competition.

It may be tempting to chase after the big names, thinking they'll get you the biggest bucks, but you might end up pouring a lot of money into something that could be more financially viable and effective with your customers.

Social media success comes down to engagement, where local micro-influencers who connect with people in your target market have the upper hand.

There are significant pros and cons to weigh up when deciding on the scale of influencers you choose to work with.

Social Media Influencers Have Changed the Game:

While there are various aspects to consider carefully, the help an influencer can give to a brand is undeniable.

They have changed the role of public relations entirely, and if a brand stays on the bandwagon, they are likely to remain caught up in the competition.

According to the reputable source Forbes, today's social media platforms are acting like a giant megaphone for the opinions and voices of the customer.

Suppose you can use social media influencers as part of your broader public relations strategy.

In that case, you will be able to reach many more potential customers and a much larger target audience.

You will also be promoting a great positive image of your whole brand while increasing the engagement you can nurture with your current customers.

Suppose you can embrace the new public relations tactics and adjust from traditional methods.

In that case, you will promote yourself as a modern, relevant brand while unifying your customers' experience.

With the help of a knowledge PR firm, you will be able to find the right influencer for your brand and your budget.

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Influencers - How Do They Help Grow Business?

The use of influencer marketing has multiplied in recent years to become one of the most successful methods for brands to grow their business.

To stay competitive, companies must adapt and learn new tricks to gain more followers on Instagram or learn how to use influencers to boost their business.

Influencers - How Do They Help Grow Business?: eAskme
Influencers - How Do They Help Grow Business?: eAskme

By collaborating with influencers, firms can expand their reach, establish a reputation, strengthen their brand story, and ultimately position themselves for success.

Influencer partnerships provide businesses with assured targeted exposure to the intended customer base. Here are some ways influencers can help companies to grow.

Extending Reach:

Using influencers as a marketing tool is an effective strategy for maximizing engagement and reaching untapped audiences.

Partnering with influencers allows businesses to access unique audiences they couldn't get before.

There are two categories of influencers, the macro, and the micro.

The micro-influencers are those with ten thousand followers or less, and the macro is household names like celebrities with over ten thousand followers.

Kim Kardashian is a celebrity in her own right, and she has a reputation for being paid $250,000 for one single post.

However, she still uses influencers of her own to promote one of her many businesses, whether that be KKW Beauty, SKKN by Kim, or her clothing brand SKIMS.

She does this by sending influencers gift baskets, and they will post about it on their stories and feed.

Enhances Brand Narrative:

Solid and long-lasting brands develop through storytelling.

Businesses can create a brand narrative allowing the audience to connect with their company or product.

A brand can accomplish this by employing influencers to express the brand's image in a manner that will be easy to understand by their followers.

For example, if a business sells a skin care product with SPF, they may want to choose an influencer to go to a luxurious beach destination to show them using the products.

Or do the photoshoot for the product in said destinations for the influencer to post later.

Brand narratives also extend to experiences where brands offer influencers experiences to promote locations, hotels, and even casinos.

A famous example is Drake's partnership with Stake.com, an online crypto betting platform.

Drake is becoming famous for his extensive gambling sessions, particularly roulette, and has agreed to promote the site through his social media posts.

He takes his laptop worldwide, playing at NBA games, on vacation in Dubai, and his private jet.

If you want to gamble like Drake (but on a much lower budget), you need to find an excellent online casino site.

Finding a reliable online casino in the UAE is difficult as the rules on gambling are still stringent and heavily regulated.

As a result, those who want to play slots or blackjack during their downtime must use a VPN to connect to an offshore gambling site.

From comparison platforms, you can find online reviews of the operators; access information on safe gambling practices, and even keep up to date with the laws and regulations of gambling in the UAE.

Dubai has come a long way in the last twenty years and is a luxurious destination to send influencers to sell their brand's story.

Positive Feedback Opportunities:

Businesses working with influencers enable them to establish an open and honest communication channel where audiences can share their experiences.

When these experiences are positive, it lets the brand know what they are doing right, what audiences the products reach, and what they can continue to do to draw new clientele.

When businesses get negative feedback, they can turn it into something positive, and the company knows what they need to change.

These reviews are essential to any business because genuine feedback from an influencer or their network encourages thousands of followers to try the company.

Build Brand Credibility:

Whether a business is new or if they have been around for a long time, to keep customers engaged with their products, they reply heavily by word of mouth.

Advertisements on our phones can entice audiences, but an influencer or their followers is much more trusted.

Influencers lend credibility to a brand's products or services because their audience trusts them, and many people see them as friends because they spend so much of their time looking at their lives.

Depending on the influencer you choose, the cost of an influencer partnership will vary, but they are worth considering.

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Marvel Slots Alternatives

April begins with a sad certainty for fans of Marvel slots from Playtech.

Effective April 1, 2017, the game publisher has taken all superhero slots from the Marvel series offline.

The End of Marvel Slots! (We Present the Best Alternatives): eAskme
The End of Marvel Slots! (We Present the Best Alternatives): eAskme

The games are no longer available in Playtech casinos, not on GamStop.

We explain the background and present the best Marvel slots alternatives.

Unfortunately, Not an April Fool's Joke!

The April 1 date may still give some casino friends some hope.

But we must disappoint you: The from the series is unfortunately not an April Fool's joke.

As early as the end of March, the first casinos began to remove popular Marvel games such as Iron Man 3, X-Men, or Wolverine from the online offering.

And weeks before the end, the first non GamStop casinos had informed their advertising partners that from April 1, ads with motifs from the Marvel superhero universe could appear more.

The casinos not on GamStop themselves, like the software provider Playtech, have no other choice.

The license agreement expired at the end of March. And Marvel didn't want to extend it.

The Background: Why Marvel Slots Had to Go?!

As drastic as the event may be for some casinos and some players - the end does not come as a surprise. It's been years since the beginning of the end.

In 2009, Walt Disney took over the Marvel Universe. Because Disney is known to see itself as a provider of family entertainment, the superheroes fit into the portfolio, not the slot machines.

A Disney spokesman said in 2013 that the company had no interest in renewing the licenses.

The Amaya subsidiary Cryptologic had to remove all Marvel slots in 2014. Marvel's license agreement with Playtech ran until the end of March 2017. But now it's over there too.

Playtech Has Made Provisions: The Marvel Slots Alternatives at Non-GamStop Casinos
So, Playtech had plenty of time to adjust to the ending deal. Fortunately, took advantage of this time.

There are several Marvel Slots alternatives, including those with a progressive jackpot.

First, you have to mention the Batman slots that Playtech has released in the past few months.

With the end of the Marvel license in mind, Playtech expanded its cooperation with DC in 2016.

The most well-known superheroes from the DC comics include Superman and Batman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman.

Playtech has decided to release a whole line of Batman slots first, pitting the masked hero against the Joker, Catwoman, and other villains.

There is also a full range of Superman slot machines, such as Superman II or Man of Steel. All feature the same progressive jackpot.

Last but not least, Playtech has also equipped the Age of the Gods series with a progressive jackpot, to which all games contribute.

Of course, fans of comic slots will also find what they are looking for from other game manufacturers.

Those who like it colorful and fun might enjoy NetEnt's South Park or South Park Reel Chaos.

NextGen also has several attractive slots on offer that have superhero comics as their theme - Justice League, for example, is relatively new.

Bally Technologies recently released a very successful retro slot with Wonder Woman Gold.

And we also really liked the Superheroes slot machine from Yggdrasil in the test– even if a known comic license is missing here.

So you see: There are a lot of good alternatives to the Marvel slot machines.

What Was Special About the Marvel Slots Games at Non-GamStop Casinos?

If you haven't gotten to know slots anymore, you might wonder: what was so special about the Marvel games at non-GamStop casinos?

First and foremost, of course, it was the well-known superheroes themselves. For many fans of the series, combining two hobbies, gaming, and comics, was excellent.

Instead of playing a slot with fruit, stars, or bar symbols, you could spend your time with the X-Men or Iron Man.

Whereby one has to say quite clearly: The slots may have been hip at the time of their appearance, but they seemed clearly outdated in the end.

Both optically and in terms of special features, other slot machines offered more.

Besides the heroes, the Marvel jackpots were one of the main reasons slot machines have remained at the top of the popularity charts for many years.

Every real money wager on any remaining Marvel slot game across all Playtech casinos not on GamStop contributed to the four jackpot growing.

They were called Power, Extra Power, Super Power, or Ultimate Power Jackpot and could grow to more than one million euros.

Our Conclusion: The New DC Slots Are a Good Alternative:

So if you look at the recent development soberly, the end of Marvel Slots is not that bad.

Comic slots still exist at Playtech casinos.

Since the games are newly developed, they are significantly more fun to play than outdated machines like Iron Man 3.

Last, Playtech's Age of the Gods series has what it takes to be a worthy successor.

Here we list again all Marvel Slots alternatives that we have tested so far and can recommend to you:

The best Marvel Slots alternatives at a glance:

  • Batman & The Riddler Riches – Playtech.
  • Batman and the Joker Jewels – Playtech.
  • Batman and Catwoman Cash – Playtech.
  • Justice League Slot – NextGen.
  • Superman - NextGen.
  • Batman – NextGen.
  • Tomb Raider – Microgaming.
  • South Park – NetEnt.
  • Superheroes - Yggdrasil.
  • Wonder Woman Gold - Bally Technologies.

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How Much Do YouTube Influencers Earn From Streaming Slot Games?

YouTube has produced a wide variety of phenomena in recent years.

Game and product reviews abound. Beauty and make-up tips are particularly popular with girls.

And some YouTubers comment on world events - and in the end, even manage to be allowed to interview Chancellor Merkel.

How Much Do YouTube Influencers Earn From Streaming Slot Games?: eAskme
How Much Do YouTube Influencers Earn From Streaming Slot Games?: eAskme

The fields of activity of the YouTube asterisks are very diverse. Often ridiculed at first, successful YouTubers now earn a lot of money with their videos.

Of course, looking for topics that generate a lot of clicks and, thus, advertising revenue makes sense.

One of these niche phenomena is the non-GamStop casino videos.

Here you can spend hours watching the players gambling – and supposedly clearing away – in the game library.

We took a closer look at the topic, the business model behind the videos, and, last but not least, checked the truthfulness of the videos.

Are there slot machine tricks that regularly visit the arcade a success?

Who & What Is Behind the Non-GamStop Casinos Slots Videos?

The non-GamStop casinos slots videos on YouTube can be divided into two categories:

  • The pure game and win videos where you can watch the players gamble.
  • The videos dealing with slots tricks.

We looked at the most successful YouTubers in both subject areas.

In the following, we present you with the most popular channels in a short portrait.

And also reveal how serious we think the whole thing is.

The Most Successful YouTube Channels With Video Games:

So, here is our overview of the largest channels of non GamStop casinos, and we want to give you a brief overview of what makes the different channels unique.

Risk Casino - More Than 19,000 Subscribers / Over 22 Million Video Views:

The videos of this YouTube channel have a market crier character. While watching, we constantly felt that something was being sold here.

Already in the video description, it says:

  • “BIG WIN.”

High stakes are played here across the board. So far, it also fits the channel name - and there is always actual clearing.

The player has a lucky hand.

The videos are also commented on in the style of the video descriptions. Loud, everything was “extremely crass,” and it felt like child’s play to collect the winnings.

As loud and flamboyant as the player is behaving, it’s hard to imagine him secretly filming in a land-based casino. Various comments on this channel also confirm this.

The Big Jackpot - 382,000 Subscribers / 10 Million Video Views:

The Big Jackpot YouTube channel publishes new videos regularly, sometimes several times a week.

Some videos are incredibly long, lasting over an hour.

The focus is clearly on casinos, but you will occasionally find online casinos, not on GamStop videos.

The content is similar to that of the other channels.

The action sequences are cut together and lined up. It should be mentioned that loss sequences are also shown from time to time.

Unlike “Risk Casino,” for example, The Big Jackpot seems to be a real player, and the videos are not fake.

Online Casino Tube - 10,000+ Subscribers / 6.5 Million Video Views:

New videos are regularly published on this channel. Sometimes several videos per week.

Here you will find both casino and online casino content.

The stakes that are played are relatively high. Accordingly, there are also many “big win videos.”

But it is not just limited to winning sequences, but also losses are shown - sometimes several 1,000 euros are shot. In this respect, the videos can be described as “honest.”

Entire Risk - Approx. 2,500 Subscribers / Over 1.8 Million Video Views:

Quite an active channel. New content is added several times a month.

The usual clearing videos await you here. High stakes, big wins. Gambling seems to be child’s play.

The best thing about the channel is that the current videos point out at the beginning that playing in non-GamStop casinos makes a lot more sense.

Here the massive profits would wave with minimal effort.

The Youtuber wants to explain how this works in a “soon to be published tutorial.”

However, why he continues to produce non-GamStop casinos videos when the big prizes are waving online is probably only known to him.

Casino Magic - Approx. 1,500 Subscribers / Over 1.7 Million Video Views:

The channel could probably also be named the “El Torero” channel because most of the videos are played on exactly this slot machine.

Here you will find both longer sessions (about 30mins) and short videos showing only a bonus or free spins sequence.

As with almost all channels, you will see successful free spins here. Not much is said during the videos. There are only a few comments.

But there is an FAQ video in which the Youtuber briefly explains his playing style and “strategy.”

The videos are shot in a game library. The Youtuber keeps switching back and forth between several machines. In this respect, what is shown can be described as “honest content.”

Secret Casino Tricks - More Than 2,700 Subscribers / Over 1.4 Million Video Views:

The content in this channel is relatively old. You won’t find any current videos.

Most are from the years 2015 and 2016. In addition to some videos with high winning pictures, you will also find various videos here that point to supposed winning tricks.

However, these tricks are not mentioned - so you don’t learn how to use the alleged tricks. It is only said that there are tricks - and with them, winning is child’s play.

Ultimately, the videos all refer to the “Secret Casino Trick Book,” which you must purchase. Smells suspiciously like a rip-off. The benefit of this channel is close to zero.

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5 Influencer Metrics that Matter for Your Marketing Campaigns

If you want to find influencers to collaborate with your brand, there are a few key metrics you need to understand.

Analyzing these will give you better insight into the influencer’s profile and performance on social media.

5 Influencer Metrics that Matter for Your Marketing Campaigns: eAskme
5 Influencer Metrics that Matter for Your Marketing Campaigns: eAskme

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Some of these metrics can be observed on social media.

But to get the clearest view of this information, ask influencers for their media kit or internal performance data.

Alternatively, you could use an influencer marketing platform, which provides you with influencer analytics data.

Number of followers

The number of followers an influencer has determines their reach, or how many people potentially see their content.

It also helps to determine their price; generally speaking, the more followers, the higher the influencer’s fee.

Having more followers isn’t always better. Influencers with relatively small followings usually have the highest engagement rates.

Keep reading to learn more about engagement and why it matters.

valeskaschneider: influencer metrics:easkme

With 27.5K followers, @valeskaschneider is considered a micro influencer. She already collaborates with various brands.

Growth over time

It’s important to look at how an influencer gained their followers throughout time. Influencer growth should be slow and steady.

If you see sudden spikes in growth, you should investigate further.
Growth rate for @valeskaschneider. We can see a sudden jump in early January 2021. This may be due to posts by brands she collaborates with.

Growth over time:5 Influencer Metrics that Matter for Your Marketing Campaigns :eAskme

Spikes in follower growth can be caused by a few things.

  • First, the influencer may have hosted a giveaway, which usually requires participants to follow their account.
  • Second, they may have appeared on TV or gone viral.
  • Finally, in the absence of a logical explanation, the influencer may have purchased a batch of fake followers.

Engagement rate

Engagement rate is a metric that measures the level of interaction between an influencer and their followers.

To calculate it, add up the number of interactions on a post, divide it by the number of followers, and multiply by 100.

Interactions vary by social network; for example, for Instagram influencers, look at likes and comments.

Some specific posts perform better than others, so take the average on a sample of posts in order to see the influencer’s general engagement.

Also, only compare influencers to their peers when analyzing engagement.

The averages vary based on social network and number of followers, so it’s unfair to compare across social media and follower segments.

Engagement rate:5 Influencer Metrics that Matter for Your Marketing Campaigns :eAskme

Engagement analysis for @valeskaschneider. Compared to other Instagram influencers with between 15-50K followers, she has very high engagement.

Nano and micro influencers (who have up to 50K followers) have the highest engagement rates in the industry.

Although they have fewer followers, their audiences trust them as experts in their niche.

The idea is that the influencers can then leverage that relationship to engage their followers with your brand.

Audience demographics

For any marketing campaign, you need to define your target audience.

And when working with influencers, make sure that their audience matches your target audience.

Look at demographics like country, language, age, gender and interests.

While influencers generally have things in common with their followers, don’t assume this.

Always check to make sure that the collaboration can help you reach the right people and work toward your campaign goals.

Audience demographics:5 Influencer Metrics that Matter for Your Marketing Campaigns:eAskme
 @valeskascheider’s Instagram audience is primarily interested in surf, sport, photography and travel.

Audience authenticity

In addition to demographics, look at the quality of the influencer’s audience. See if the audience seems like authentic people, or if they appear to be bots.

There are some ways to identify bots.

They typically don’t have profile pictures or biographies.

Their names and comments might seem unnatural or off-topic, and they tend to have little to no content.

Audience authenticity analysis for @valeskaschneider. It’s normal for influencers to have a marginal percentage of suspicious followers.

Audience authenticity:5 Influencer Metrics that Matter for Your Marketing Campaigns:eAskme

If you see that a significant percentage of the audience looks like bots, the influencer probably purchased fake followers.

See if you can find spikes in follower growth to back up your hypothesis.

Bonus: Non-quantifiable influencer qualities

In addition to performance-based metrics, there are a few other things to evaluate when searching for influencers to collaborate with.

You want influencers who align with your brand.

That means that the collaboration makes sense, and followers see a connection between the influencer’s profile and what you brand has to offer.

Consider questions like:

●    Is their content of an acceptable quality for my brand?
●    Does their aesthetic style complement my brand’s?
●    Can this influencer’s unique voice share my brand’s message?
●    Does their personality match that of my brand?
●    Does the influencer uphold my brand’s values?


When finding influencers, it’s important to evaluate these key metrics and qualities.

And always relate your influencer search back to the goals you set out for your campaign.

If you’d like to learn more about how to define your campaign, how to find influencers and how to manage your collaborations, check out this influencer marketing guide.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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How to Find Top Influencer with these 5 Best Influencer Marketing Tools

Influencers are the most trusted people with high authority in their respective industries. Their words are enough for improving the brand value of any product, service, or small business.

Influencer’s influence on the people is why marketers are building connections with influencers to promote their products or services.

How to Find Top Influencer with these 5 Best Influencer Marketing Tools: eAskme
How to Find Top Influencer with these 5 Best Influencer Marketing Tools: eAskme

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Influencer marketing is not new, yet many businesses, bloggers, and marketers are not using this strategy for one or another reason.

Today, we will discuss;

  • What is an influential influencer?
  • Why should you go for influencer Marketing?
  • What are the tools to find real influencers?
  • How to find influencers on social media?
  • How to Leverage Influencer Marketing?

Let’s start!

What is an Influential influencer?

One thing that you must understand about influencer marketing is that you do not always need celebrities to promote your products or services.

For example; You may think of Kylie Jenner or Oprah Winfrey as the top influencers. But they may not be suitable for promoting web designing products.

In reality, an influencer can be any person who may not be very famous but must have an engaging social media audience.

According to Hootsuite, Social content creators with dedicated followers on social media and the real influencers.

This means that Influencers do not have to be Rihanna, Dwayne Johnson, or Kim Kardashian.

Your top influencer can be a marketer with 10k followers on social media sites like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. He/she is the person who has engaging followers.

She can be an artist on Facebook with an engaged following or a Model on Pinterest.

An influencer can be anyone who has trusted followers and gained authority in their niche.

And, influencer marketing always works.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Influencer Marketing?

Here are the reasons why you should use influencer marketing?


Becoming an influencer is not an overnight thing.

It takes time and effort to build trust among followers.

A single tweet, Instagram post, Facebook share, and LinkedIn mention about your product or service will help you build trust between brand and followers.

Target Audience:

An Influencer on social media channels like Instagram is the person who posts on a dedicated topic or niche.

His followers are those people who are interested in that niche or topic.

If you are also in the similar niche, you should think of collaborating with such an influencer.

The best thing about influencer marketing strategy is that you will get into targeted marketing without managing too many people.


Networking is a great way to succeed.

Establishing collaborations or partnerships will land many opportunities for you to market your brand, improve brand value, gain more followers, build trust and become an influencer.

5 Influencer Marketing Tools:

Now you understand the benefits of Influencer Marketing. It is time to know how you can find Influencer Marketing Tools.

Here are the 5 tools for it;

Alexa Audience Overlap Tool:

Alexa Audience Overlap Tool is a great tool to find brands that share your audience or have a similar audience.

With the help of the Alexa Audience Overlap Tool, you can find popular industry influencers.

Alexa Audience Overlap Tool: eAskme

You can also check to rank, overlap score, etc.


Buzzsumo is a premium tool to find a lot of useful information.

You can use Buzzsumo for Content Discovery, Content Research, Monitoring, and to find influencers.

The Buzzsumo Influencer tool lets you search influencers with authority on Youtube, Google Plus, and Twitter.

To search Influencer on Youtube;

Click on “YouTube”

buzzsumo-Influencer-Marketing-Tool: eAskme

Enter the Keyword.

YouTube-Influencer-Marketing-Tool: eAskme

Hit Search.

YouTube-Influencer: eAskme

And, you will get the result like this.


Followerwonk-Influencer-Marketing-Tool: eAskme

Followerwonk is the best tool to find influencers on Twitter.

With the help of Followerwonk, you can check influencers, their followers, ranking, etc.

You will also find out what is working for the influencers with a massive number of followers.


Keyhole is another tool to search for industry influencers. All you need is to use the target keyword to find the influencers.

Keyhole influencer marketing tool: eAskme


You will find the influencers, number of followers, and average engagement.


Klear is an influencer marketing tool.

Klear-influencer-marketing-tool: eAskme

With the help of Klear, you can search influencers based on location and target market.

How to Find Influencers on Social Media:

If you are a newbie, then you might now have enough budget to spend on finding influencers.

In this is the case, then you should use social media as an influencer marketing tool to find influencers.

Here are the steps you should follow to find influencers on social networks.

Blue Badge:

You may have noticed a Blue Badge with the name on Instagram or Twitter accounts.

The blue badge shows that the account is verified by the social network.

This also means that the person is a well-known personality.

The blue badge is the indication.

Use Hashtags:

Use hashtags to find the influencers with blue badges.

When using the hashtag, use the target keyword, and you will find the list of people.

Now go for the account with a blue badge.


  • What is the account all about?
  • Number of Followers
  • If the Followers engaging or not?
  • What you are offering is beneficial for his followers or not?
  • Create a list of influencers with the target audience.

Use Keywords:

It is possible to find influencers even without a blue badge.

All you need to find out the number of followers and their engagement on the influencer’s account.

If a person has targeted followers with massive user engagement, then there is no second thought that he is the right influencer for you.

How to Leverage Influencer marketing?

It is not easy to win people’s trust.

Brand and people are both exhausted with apps and spammy sale tactics.

Influencer marketing is still a fresh way to win trust, build authority and gain followers.

Collaborate with the person who has build authority and credibility. Trust the influencers and promote only that product that is suitable for their audience.

If you have any question, share with me?

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Wellness Influencers are Changing Social Media. Here's how.

Come on, let’s get well! This is the message that all wellness influencers are shouting together in one voice. Nutrition, health, yoga, or fitness influencers are all giving us advice on what to eat (or not to eat) and how to fuel our bodies and keep them healthy.

How are wellness influencers changing the social media landscape?

Keep reading below!

Wellness influencers are Changing Social Media. Here's how: eAskme
Wellness influencers are Changing Social Media. Here's how: eAskme

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If we would broadly define “wellness”, we could say that it is the pursuit of activities that promote physical and mental wellbeing.

But here’s the thing: these activities have grown into a $4.2 trillion global market, that continues to grow almost twice as fast at the global economy.

As such... it only makes sense that opportunists were wise to pay attention to where this industry is heading and adapt to what consumers want.

So, what do consumers want?

Well, a lot of stuff, among which fresh and relevant content on social media. They want Instagram stories, TikTok funny videos, or interesting Facebook posts they can share with their friends.

So, there you have it: that’s how wellness influencers started to rise all over social media platforms and became trendsetters.

Suddenly, social media personalities started to tell us to slow down for a little bit, to embrace plants in our spaces, to embrace CBD buds as natural remedies for our conditions, or to spend less time on our devices.

So, how are Wellness Influencers Reshaping Social Media? Here’s how.

Wellness influencers are Changing Social Media. Here's how: eAskme
Wellness influencers are Changing Social Media. Here's how: eAskme

Spread health one post at a time

It shouldn’t be difficult to take care of your body and stay healthy in 2020 when information is at our fingerprints.

Yet, unfortunately, having three meals per day, drinking enough water, or exercising can fall behind in terms of priorities when you juggle with a demanding job, a family, and several other tasks.

Not only that we often lack time to surf the web for this kind of information, but we also often forget about doing what we were told that would keep us healthy.

But that’s when wellness influencers come to rescue by promoting healthy habits post by post, reminding us what we must do to keep our health at the top.

Now, let’s be honest, on your coffee break at work, or late in the night before going to sleep, the chances are that you are scrolling your social media news feed rather than reading blogs on how to stay healthy.

Well, since you are on social media, the posts of the wellness influencers you are following can help you learn what you need in an engaging way.

For example, Instagram can teach you a lot about alternative medicine. Countless wellness influencers on social media share their tips on herbal remedies and alternative medicine.

For example, Dr Fina Madrid, a family and cosmetic dentist from Los Angeles and San Diego and a popular IG influencer, uses her account to share natural remedies tips with her 14,4k followers.

She often informs her followers about the benefits of alternative remedies like CBD, echinacea, Vitamin C, or the benefits of getting enough rest and staying hydrated.

Promote mental health awareness

Feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed? You definitely need to talk about it! And that’s really ok.

Years ago, mental health issues were still a taboo topic that most people feared to open up about.

Yet, over the past few years, issues like anxiety, depression, or substance abuse have become easier to talk about thanks to many celebrities who have talked openly about them.

Over time, as wellness influencers became really popular on social media, they’ve also started to promote mental health awareness.

Take Remi Ishizuka, for example. Ishizuka is a top health and wellness influencer with over 280k followers on Instagram. Ishizuka is one of the wellness influencers that often promotes mental health awareness using her inspiring story to help her followers understand how important mental wellbeing is. Remi shared her story with her followers on IG, talking about how job stress can affect someone and how much good some changes in your life can do to your overall wellbeing.

Guru Jagat, another popular wellness and yoga influencer on Instagram, also focuses her content on mental and emotional health. She is often sharing tips on how to improve mental wellbeing with her followers through meditation or yoga.

Promote self-acceptance

Beauty influencers share tips on how to achieve the most dramatic makeups and change you face physiognomy with contouring.

In contrast, most wellness influencers talk about the importance of self-acceptance without wearing makeup or using other products that, in the long run, may affect your skin’s health.

Now, we’re not saying that beauty influencers are bad for teaching people how to achieve flawless makeup.

Yet, what we are saying is that they might be spreading a wrong message, especially to people who already lack self-confidence about their looks.

What’s more, body positivity is another popular topic among wellness influencers, teaching their followers how to love all their physical flaws and how to have a healthy lifestyle.

Take Candice Huffine, for example. Candice is by far the average skinny girl you can see on Instagram. However, despite having the “perfect body” (as promoted by media), she succeeded to become a model and later, a marathon finisher. Huffine often reminds her followers that body positivity is a journey, but a journey that is worth it in the end.

Ana Alarcon, another famous nutrition and wellness influencer, has been sharing her tricks for healthy meals cooked at home. To her, self-acceptance is a matter of accepting your body fully in every moment, including the changes, the size, or the color. Yet, Ana Alarcon also promotes the idea of taking care of your body with healthy food and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Positive content in our news feeds

With so many bad and scaring things happening around the world these days, social media is filled with fake news, negative news, or even bitter memes.

And, the last thing we want to see after a difficult day is other negative news about what’s happening around the world.

So, if you want to change the things you see in your news feed when scrolling on social media, all you have to do is to follow the right people: wellness influencers.

Wellness influencers’ main content areas are based on positive things like body positivity, mental well being, healthy lifestyles, or self-acceptance.

Most of their posts, be it on IG, TikTok, or Facebook, talk about things that will put a smile on your face and help improve your mood.

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5 Easy Steps to Become a LinkedIn Influencer

LinkedIn is a massive professional social network, and it is expanding day by day.

From around 200 countries, more than 660 million users are on LinkedIn.

There is no doubt that LinkedIn is not like Facebook or Instagram, but those networks are not professional.

LinkedIn is a professional in every possible way.

It is specially designed to take care of the needs of professional and give them a place to grow together.

5 Easy Steps to Become a LinkedIn Influencer: eAskme
5 Easy Steps to Become a LinkedIn Influencer: eAskme

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Marketers find LinkedIn quite appealing.

The primary reason is that LinkedIn users have more focus on networking, jobs, and business as compared to other social networks. This shows that it is an ideal place to market B2B services or products.

More than 80% of B2B leads are coming from LinkedIn.

Now this says why you should also expand your marketing to LinkedIn.

You cannot just do it by simply creating a profile and start advertising. To make sure that your efforts on LinkedIn will get rewarded, you need to build trust.

And, you can do it by becoming a LinkedIn influencer.

Now the question is how to become a LinkedIn Influencer?

Here are the five perfect steps that you should follow to become the most trusted LinkedIn Influencer.

5 Easy Steps to Become an Established LinkedIn Influencer

Do you know that LinkedIn Also invites the most trusted influencers to join a particular group on the LinkedIn platform?

Some of these influencers are Arianna Huffington, Mary Barra, Bill Gates, etc.

Getting into the inner circle of a brand is the feeling like you got the diamond.

But, this doesn't mean that you can become influencers only if you be in a group.

You can still start on your own to develop your profiles, skills, and connections.

Your brand must grab the attention of others, and people should start talking about it.


Setting influencer goals are as important as setting a blog business plan.

Without goals, you will be roaming here and there on the network.

You can set goals such as;
Note down the list of goals that you want to achieve by becoming an influencer on Linkedin.

To achieve influencer status on LinkedIn, you should also plan the strategy to achieve your goals.

For example, If you want to find freelance writing business, then start;
  • Post content that will attract readers.
  • Publish your experience and expertise.
  • Share precious media files.
Without settings goals, you will not achieve anything.

Create an Expert profile:

5 Easy Steps to Become a LinkedIn Influencer: eAskme

Make sure that you fill every blank and hole in your LinkedIn profile.

No one wants to look at a profile with no information or blank photo.

You need to make an impression through your profile.

Make sure that your profile helps you capture the attention of others.

Use a vibrant profile pic, share about yourself, skills, interests, and accomplishments.

Use creative visuals.

LinkedIn is a professional network, but you should not be impersonal.

Your focus should be on building real-life connections with the people.

Highlight every vital thing such as who you are, where you are from, what do you do, etc.


5 Easy Steps to Become a LinkedIn Influencer: eAskme

After rocking your profile, the next job is to share your expertise.

And, you can do it by smartly sharing creative content.

Now the question is which type of content you should be posting on LinkedIn?

Content Appealing to Your Target Audience:

Do you understand your audience personas?

If yes, then you know what they want.

Your content must trigger the emotions of your readers.

For example, If you have a social media management tool, then you may want to attract clients who will buy your tool. To make them interested in your tool, you need to produce content which talks about the pros and cons and educate them on how the tool will improve the performance.

Your understanding with your customer is something that will help you here.

Publish content that you own:

Create unique content and publish it on your LinkedIn profile.

Make sure that your content will have something for the reader to take-away and engage them to reshare the content.

Start tracking user behavior. Understand what readers love on your blog. Share similar content on your LinkedIn profile page.

Learn how you can improve your writing.

Make sure that each piece of content should stand out.

Build trust, share facts, infographics, charts, etc.

Use Media:

5 Easy Steps to Become a LinkedIn Influencer: eAskme

Writing content doesn't mean that you fill the topic with a-z characters.

It means that you should use memorable images, creative visuals, infographics, videos, and resources properly.

Make sure that you should use at least one photo in every article.

Curate Content:

It might not be possible for you to publish fresh content on LinkedIn every day.

It’s ok. You can take the help of your already published content and curate that content on LinkedIn.

Curating content will also give your readers something to learn and stay connected with you.

Sharing trustworthy resources in your posts will make them impactful.

You will also gain trust as you will be sharing the content of already established influencers.

To find the influencer in your industry, you can use tools like Listly and Instapaper.


LinkedIn is a professional social media network.

Social networks based on one simple rule are, and that is to give attention.

The more attention you give to others, the more attention you will gain.

Start commenting, liking, and resharing the posts of connected influencers.

This will help you build trust among influencers.

Promote content:

  • Every marketer understands the need for promotion.
  • You must promote your LinkedIn profile on every possible channel.
  • Run cross channel promotions.

LinkedIn for Business:

Are you using LinkedIn for business? If not, then why not?

LinkedIn is there to help you grow your business, and you can do it by becoming an influencer.

Follow these steps, and you will be on the path to become a LinkedIn Influencer.

If you have any question, do let me know via comments.

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