February 01, 2024

4 New YouTube Studio Featured Launched

YouTube Studio is getting four new features for content creators, such as a research tab, shareable community clips, new analytics for playlists, and a members-only content feature. YouTube is listing to content creators, providing valuable tools to help them create engaging content for the YouTube Platform.

New YouTube studio features will enhance the creator’s creativity. Here is everything that you must know about the four new YouTube Studio features.

4 New YouTube Studio Featured Launched: eAskme
4 New YouTube Studio Featured Launched: eAskme

4 New YouTube Studio Featured Launched

1.) Research Tab for Desktop:

Research Tab is already part of the YouTube mobile app. But now, it is coming to the desktop.
With the research tab, content creators will find new ideas for shorts. It also provides content gap detail to create more content.

Content creators can check the viewer’s interest in YouTube and content gaps. With these details, you can create content that users are already interested in.

The new research tab is available in YouTube Studio. You will find rising searches, top user queries, data highlights, and content gaps.

Tip: Content Gap is the best solution as it helps you fill the gap with new content.

2.) Shareable Community Clips:

Shareable community clips allow the content creator to display up to 5 top YouTube videos on his channel under the “Community Clip” section. Earlier short clips were available on third-party sites like Discord and Reddit but not on YouTube.

Displaying popular clips on the YouTube channel homepage will help the audience engage more with the channel. It also impacts the viewership.

Tip: Only add the most popular clips or trendy clips in “Community Clip.”

3.) New Analytics for Better Insights and Metrics:

YouTube’s new analytics work better for playlists.

YouTube Channel creators can easily check playlist analytics. New Analytics is displaying watch time, views, traffic, etc.

With this data, content creator content creators will find the most engaging playlists.

Tip: Use this data to create more content for the most engaging playlists.

4.) Members-Only and Scheduled Content Publishing:

YouTube content creators can now schedule videos as members-only content. The video will be available for the public eye when it gets published. Subscribers will get a notification about publishing time.

With this new feature, the company is expecting the growth of members-only content.

Tip: Let your members know what you will publish and when.


YouTube Studio is the only playground for content creators to create, upload, and analyze content performance. With new features, YouTube Studio is becoming more creator-friendly.

Content creators can not display popular content in the “Community clips” tab, analyze the playlist's performance, or use the research tab on the desktop.

But this is not it.

More updates are coming soon.

Stay tuned with us for more.

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