January 28, 2024

7 Amazing Benefits of PPC Advertising in 2024

Are you using PPC in 2024?

Google Ads are getting new AI features every day. Google is so serious about AI tools and features that it is trying to enrich the user experience with generative AI in Performance Max.

Google is not alone in the AI race. Bing, Brave Search, DuckDuckGo, etc., are also building AI features to improve search, ads, and experience. With new AI updates in the Google Advertising platform, advertisers can now save time while creating impressive ads. Generative AI is helping PPC ad campaigns.

There are reasons why you must use PPC ads.

PPC Ad Benefits:

  • Cross-channel placement.
  • Quick creation.
  • Measure result
  • Track the performance.

Marketers and advertisers are already utilizing PPC ads to stay ahead.

Within search engine PPC ads, you will miss the opportunity to get noticed without ranking for search queries.

Benefits of PPC Advertising: eAskme
Benefits of PPC Advertising: eAskme

Here are the reasons why you must use PPC ads in 2024.

1. PPC Target Goals:

The biggest reason businesses are using PPC ads is that the ads target audiences based on business goals. With Google ads, you can track PPC ad metrics, ad spending, and customer acquisition costs.

These reports help you create charts to impress your clients.

With PPC ads, you can create ads based on conversion goals and track the performance of each advertisement without being noisy.

Some of the popular PPC Ad conversion types are:

  • App Installs
  • Email Sign-ups
  • eCommerce Transactions
  • File Downloads
  • In-app Purchase
  • Lead Form
  • Phone calls
  • Maps.

For better results, use JavaScript and Google Tag Manager.

Google Ads gives you a complete solution to track your ad spend, conversion, and budget optimization settings.

2. Track User Behavior with PPC Ads:

Third-party cookies are going out of the picture. How do we track user behavior?

PPC is the solution.

Combine PPC ads with Google Analytics and Google Ads to track customer journeys from the beginning to the end. You can follow the user on every step of the conversion funnel.

With search engine PPC ad optimization, advertisers can match ads to clicks, impressions, form submissions, phone calls, purchases, etc.

There is no other way to track users as you can do with PPC.

With PPC data, advertisers can customize ad campaigns and landing pages to boost conversion. It helps with budget optimization.

Examples of User Tracking with PPC: A/B test your ads to find out which ad setting works best for your business.

Target keywords: Ad targeted keywords in ads to increase click-through rate.

Landing page: Create programmatic landing pages based on keywords or search terms.

PPC is Quick and Easy:

SEO takes time to rank your site on the first page. There is a lot of competition to rank on the first page of search engines. 

PPC saves you a lot of time and effort. With your optimized PPC ads, you can display your ad content even before the organic results.

PPC is also best to increase your email lists and reach a wider audience. Organic ranking and traffic take time, and you must deal with a lot of competition.

With the Google Ads platform, you can create, optimize, and track your PPC ads.

PPC Control:

Google Ads offers advertisers complete control of PPC ads. Even if you are using Google Ads AI features, you have the complete solution to edit ads before sending them to go live.

Only use targeted keywords and remove any unrelated or less targeted keywords from your PPC ad campaigns. It will become easy to optimize your ad budget.

Google displays your ads on multiple platforms and gives you details of its performance. Based on the performance tracking, you can edit ads or change keywords to improve the result.

Google Ad tracking is best for running PPC ads.

PPC and Marketing:

PPC and SEO can work together.

It is a powerful combination. Use content marketing skills to produce content that is available for the visitor at every step of the conversion funnel.

With the ad performance data, you get a clear picture of user engagement for specific queries and keywords.

Retargeting ads will also be helpful. With remarketing ads, you can target those who have visited your site but left without taking the necessary action.

PPC ads to target remarketing audiences are beneficial. It is an easy way to increase brand awareness and boost engagement.

Club PPC ads with SEO strategies and get multiple benefits from the same set of audiences.

PPC Targeting:

PPC ads offer multiple targeting options to reach the target audience, such as:

  • Gmail
  • Google News
  • Google Maps
  • YouTube

Test your PPC ad performance on these channels. Run ads, test performance, and find out which channel is best for your business goal.

With PPC ads, you connect with the audience outside of your network. It is an effective way to increase brand awareness.

PPC Data:

PPC performance data is the best data that you can use for marketing campaigns.

You get real-time data on conversion, clicks, and impressions. With this data, you can power up your Seo strategies.

Google Ads comes with a Keyword Planner. It is one of Google's best tools for keyword research. Collect and test data with tools like Google Keyword Planner, SpyFu, Ahrefs, SEMRush, KeywordSpy, etc.

Is PPC for you?

If you are not sure to start a PPC campaign, then look at your goals.

What do you want to achieve?

It is traffic, brand awareness, or conversion. If your goal matches any of these, then PPC ads are for you.

PPC ads come with a cost. You can only run ads when you have a budget to spend. Run an A/B test to improve ad performance and get the maximum out of your ad budget.

Even if you are not ranking on the first page or you are targeting highly competitive keywords, PPC ads are the best solution. Use PPC data to optimize your SEO and rankings.

If you are not sure how to start with PPC, then take the help of PPC agency.


PPC is the best solution for every small- to mid-large business. Non-profits, B2C, B2B, and other companies are running PPC ads to boost conversions and increase traffic and brand value.

If you are not sure what type of PPC ad you should run, then check your competitors. PPC gives you real-time data to improve your ads and website content. Utilize this data to optimize content on social media channels.

Are you ready for the PPC in 2024?

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