February 18, 2024

Creator Targeting: X Advertisers can Select the Creators to Run Ads

X (Formerly Twitter) has launched Creator Targeting, a new way for advertisers to run targeted ads with the help of selected creators. This is a unique ad format as it gives liberty to the advertiser to choose the creators and place ads on the creator’s profile.

Right now, 80,000 creators are active on X (Formerly Twitter). X launched a creator revenue-sharing program in July 2023.

Notably, X (Formerly Twitter) has 500 million monthly active users and 200 million daily users. In 2023, X's (formerly Twitter's) revenue reached $2.98 billion.

Creator Targeting: X Advertisers can Select the Creators to Run Ads: eAskme
Creator Targeting: X Advertisers can Select the Creators to Run Ads: eAskme

Creator Targeting for Advertisers:

Creator targeting is a new feature on X for advertisers to connect with their customers by using the best content creators.

X will release a curated list of creators that are eligible to earn money with the revenue sharing program.

New advertising features give advertisers more control over running self-served ads.

Advertisers can now run ads on individual creator profiles.

For example, if you want to run marketing ads, then you must choose a creator who creates content related to marketing.

Creator Targeting and Brand Safe Video Offering:

X’s Creator Targeting is part of brand-safe video sharing. X (formerly Twitter) partnered with 1000+ of the biggest content creators and publishers.

Advertisers can use Vertical Video Ads and Promoted Video ads when using creator targeting.


X's (Formerly Twitter) user base is growing year after year. In 2023, X has seen a slight decrease in users. X (Formerly Twitter) is the 7th most popular social media network.

There are 245 million active users on X. It is still a popular social network to target audiences and increase brand awareness.

60% of X users are interested in current events and news. X is still widely used in countries like the USA, Japan, India, etc. If your target audience is living in these countries, then you should use Twitter ads and creator targeting to reach a larger audience.

X has shared details about the latest Creator Targeting in this post.

It will help in improving your online presence.

X (Formerly Twitter) is making a lot of changes to improve user experience, number of users, advertisers, and revenue.

Stay tuned for more.

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