May 03, 2024

Google Search Console Unused Token Removal Process to Prevent Unauthorised Access

Unused ownership tokens in Google Search Console can lead to unauthorized use and affect website security and ownership. Now, Google has updated Search Console with new ways to remove unused ownership tokens. It is essential to remove unused tokens to prevent unauthorized access to the Search Console. This allows the webmaster to control its security.

It gives the ability to manage search console ownership tokens quickly.

If you need to learn about ownership tokens, read this.

Google Search Console launched Unused Token Removal Tools: eAskme
Google Search Console launched Unused Token Removal Tools: eAskme

Google Search Console Ownership Tokens:

Google Search Console ownership tokens are codes used to verify the ownership of Google Merchant Center and Search Console.

When a webmaster changes ownership, few tokens are left behind. These tokens can lead to unauthorized access and risk to ownership. In February 2023, Google rolled out changes to the user and permissions management report.

The new Search Console update will improve user security and ownership management of access tokens.

How to Remove Ownership Tokens?

  • Log in to “Search Console and Go to “Users and Permissions.”
  • Click on “Unused Ownership Tokens.”
  • Click the “Remove” button to remove access tokens.
  • Click on “Verify Removal” to complete the process.
  • Search Console tokens removal and verification ensure there will not be any unauthorized use of verification tokens. It is best to remove all unused tokens to prevent and verify the removal.

Why eAskme Cares and You Should?

Unused ownership tokens can lead to unauthorized access to search consoles, which is crucial for a webmaster. Web admins can protect their ownership with the help of a token removal process. It is simple and takes a minute.

What are the Benefits of the Search Console Token Removal Process?

Here are the benefits of unused tokens removal from Search Console:

Stop Unauthorized Access:

Removing unused tokens will help web admins to block unauthorized access to search console data.

Ownership Change:

It also improves the ownership change process and makes it secure by removing any unused tokens. A verified token removal process is helpful.

Impact of Google Search Console Token Removal Process:

  • Token removal makes it easy to manage ownership.
  • Prevent unauthorized access to Google products and Search Console.
  • Ensure data security and privacy.

Unused Tokens Removal and Organic Search Traffic:

Removing unused tokens will not affect the website’s organic search ranking and traffic. The process only ensures website access security.


Google Search Console token removal is a necessary step when removing other users from your search console. It prevents unauthorized access to your search console data.

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