March 03, 2024

3 New Google Chrome Search Suggestions Features Launched!

Google has rolled out 3 new search suggestion features for Chrome users. Google Chrome users can now get more search suggestions based on what others are interested in and with poor internet connection.

The new Chrome suggestion feature will access user history data to suggest product images. Even with a bad internet connection, users can get the best suggestions.

3 New Google Chrome Features to Get More Search Suggestions: eAskme
3 New Google Chrome Search Suggestions Features Launched!: eAskme

New Google Chrome Features to Get More Search Suggestions:

You must know about the new “Search Suggestions” in Google Chrome.

Chrome Search Suggestions Based on What Other Users Are Looking:

Google Chrome desktop users will access a new feature where they get search suggestions based on what others are looking for. Google will use previous searches and data to improve suggestions.

When you search Chinese cuisine, search suggestions will suggest multiple cuisines.

Google is using crowdsourced data to empower the Chrome search suggestion feature. It will use historical data to give the best suggestions.

More Image Suggestions in Suggested Search:

Image suggestions work better for users who are interested in shopping or eCommerce. With image suggestions, Google Chrome will display the list of images with categories.

It will improve the user experience.

Search Suggestions with Poor Internet Connection:

Users with a poor internet connection will also get search suggestions. All you need is Google Chrome on your Android or iOS device.

The search suggestions feature also works in Incognito mode.

How Google Chrome Search Suggestions are Important for SEO and Marketers:

  • SEO experts and digital marketers can target a wider audience by using the search suggestion feature.
  • Marketers can optimize content for long-tail searches.
  • With Google Chrome suggestions, marketers explore ideas to optimize user content.

How Do Google Chrome Search Suggestions Help SEO Experts?

  • Google Chrome uses previous search data and queries to suggest content. SEO experts should focus on long-tail strategies to empower their content.
  • SEO experts should improve eCommerce SEO by optimizing product pages and categories.
  • Focus on the audience with a low-speed internet connection.

How to Optimize eCommerce SEO for Search Suggestions?

  • Image optimization is necessary. Use relevant alt tags and quality images.
  • Use next-gen image format like webP.
  • Add detailed information and use keywords in the product description.
  • Optimize meta tags and headings.

How to Optimize Your Content for Chrome Search Suggestions?

  • Optimize content to load on low-connection devices.
  • Improve content quality to make it discoverable in search suggestions.
  • Use structured data and sitemap.


Google Chrome’s search suggestion feature is helpful for users and brings more opportunities for marketers.

Optimize your content to make it discoverable. Grab more traffic, leads, and sales.

Are you ready for the SEO in 2024?

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