April 11, 2024

YouTube Launched Affiliate Hub, Shopping Collection, Product Tagging, and Fourthwall Integration

YouTube has launched the Affiliate Hub. What is it? How to use it to make money? Here is everything that you must know about Affiliate Hub and eCommerce monetization.

YouTube's Affiliate Hub is a new feature for content creators to make money with affiliate marketing. With this new feature, you can display a shopping catalog, products, and Fourthwall. It is a new way to monetize your YouTube channel with affiliate sales.

YouTube Affiliate Hub: eAskme


With YouTube Affiliate Hub, channels have a new way to monetize with affiliate sales. The affiliate Hub feature is accessible through the YouTube app. You can check affiliate products, commissions, etc.

YouTube is targeting the eCommerce market. With affiliate sales, YouTube content creators can earn a percentage of the sale. With Affiliate Hub, YouTube has launched a Shopping Collection. It is a way to display affiliate products. You can now tag products. You can also use Fourthwall integration within YouTube Studio.

Here are the latest updates from YouTube.

YouTube Affiliate Hub:

YouTube Affiliate Hub is for affiliate marketers. It is the best tool to make money with affiliate sales on your YouTube channel. The feature is available in YouTube Studio. You can access it within your YouTube app.

Affiliate Hub will help content creators create content around online shopping products. This feature allows you to deal with multiple products simultaneously.

YouTube's Affiliate Hub displays the latest brands and affiliate products. You can grab promo codes to share with your viewers, which is a great way to boost affiliate sales on YouTube.

Other Important Features on YouTube for Content Monetization:

Shopping Collection:

The Shopping Collection feature is a great way to list a collection of products. You can group products and make them discoverable by visitors.

You can access this feature with the Studio app for smartphones only. The list will be displayed in the "Store" tab, with Video descriptions and a product list.

Product Tagging:

YouTube has extended product tagging to boost affiliate sales. Content creators can now tag products of their favorite brands in their videos.

Every Shopping content creator can access the "Product Tagging" feature,

Fourthwall Integration:

Foruthwall is an eCommerce platform. YouTube is making its integration within supported shopping portals.

With this feature, content creators can manage product listings from YouTube Studio.


YouTube has launched the Affiliate Hub and other features for content creators to boost sales during the summer season.

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