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Are You A Beginning English Student? Start Here

English is a West Germanic language, highly influenced by French and Latin.

It has become the international language of business, tourism, diplomacy, and even the internet.

Acquiring English fluency will provide students with new job markets, the ability to travel internationally, and the skills to develop strong interpersonal relations with people from other cultures.

Are You A Beginning English Student? Start Here: eAskme
Are You A Beginning English Student? Start Here: eAskme

Not to mention, English fluency looks great on any resume and increases the chance of employment in domestic and international markets.

Whether you're interested in touring the globe or attempting to expand your international career options, beginner English lessons from a private online tutor on Eurekly can help you achieve fluency in a way that is both efficient and economical.

What Makes English So Challenging For Beginners?

The English language features an unusually large number of words. This is because English has more synonyms than other languages: achieve, attain, and accomplish.

Each word essentially means the same thing, but each comes with slightly different connotations that are hard to grasp as a beginner.

The BBC cites English as having 171,146 words in active use with an additional 47,156 obsolete words that you'll need to avoid entirely.

Furthermore, you'll only need to master around 15-20,000 of those active words to speak fluently.

Utilizing a private tutor can help you manage your time efficiently by avoiding outdated words, navigating tricky grammar, and nailing pronunciation.

While gaining English fluency can provide new professional and personal opportunities, it remains a challenging language to master.

Chief among these challenges is the pronunciation—a facet of English sporting an unusually high number of irregularities.

These irregularities extend to the English orthography, or spelling system, featuring a series of double and silent letters.

An example of this would be the double t in little or the difference in pronunciation between "rid" and "ride."

English has numerous homophones, meaning words with the same pronunciation but different spellings, such as "waste or waist" and "weather or weather."

These intricacies make English particularly tricky to pick up through solo study.

Don't Give Up—There Are Many Benefits To English Mastery:

An investment in English lessons is an investment in your future! As of 2022, statista cited English as the world's most spoken language, with 1.5 billion fluent speakers and an additional billion learning it.

Moreover, Forbes declared that while English may be tricky, it's here to stay as the world's number one most spoken language.

With more and more people trying their hand at English mastery, there has never been a better time to take on the challenge.

Even if you're not looking to move or work internationally, being fluent in English can improve your chances of landing a job domestically.

A report from the BBC in 2017 cited that English had become the language of international commerce, with many companies worldwide choosing to work solely in English, regardless of the primary language in their country of origin.

Multi-linguality will indicate your adaptability, work ethic, and ability to meet challenges head-on to employers.

Online Tutoring Is The Best of Two Worlds:

Students looking to pick up English as a second language might be tempted to enter a class environment.

While these can provide immersive atmospheres, they can also be expensive, time consuming, distracting, and taught at a pace that may not be right for you.

Another alternative is in-person tutoring sessions with a native speaker.

This is an excellent option for those with the resources, but it may not be ideal for beginning English speakers.

You could also try language-based apps and programs, but there is debate over their effectiveness as standalone teaching methods for users.

Moreover, without a real person to guide you, you won't have someone to correct your errors and work on your pronunciation.

Meanwhile, online private tutoring websites give you the tools and support to customize your learning experience.

You can select a bilingual tutor from your own country who shares the experience of learning English as a foreign language.

Alternatively, you could find a native speaker to help educate you on the nuances of a given culture and language.

If you choose online tutoring, sites like Eurekly have a range of tutors that can fit your schedule, budget, and learning needs.

Try Eurekly's Private Online Tutors…For Free!

Try Eurekly, a website that hosts tutors from all four corners of the globe. Eurekly's highly customizable search options put prospective students in the driver's seat.

Most tutors will even allow for a free trial period, so you can find the right learning environment that's perfect for you at no cost.

In choosing Eurekly, you'll access quality tutors who can teach you individually and help you achieve fluency cheaply and efficiently.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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Where to Find the Best English to Finnish Translation?

If you are an English business want to expand your services or product details to Finland communities; you'll need English to Finnish translation, so your audience can understand your content and connect naturally.

Where to Find the Best English to Finnish Translation?: eAskme
Where to Find the Best English to Finnish Translation?: eAskme

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You may or may not be informed that Finland is a bilingual land, and depending upon your readers, your documents may need both Swedish and Finnish translations.

Whether you need English to Finnish or Finnish to English translation services, DutchTrans can provide you with any translation for any document related to any industry.

The Highest Standards in English to Finnish Translation Service

Where to Find the Best English to Finnish Translation?: eAskme

DutchTrans offers English to Finnish translation service of the highest standard, while also keeping our rates to the inexpensive available in the industry.

With our TEP (Translation, Editing, and Proofreading) process and two-translator system - one to translate, and one to proofread - you're ensured error-free translation with fast turnaround and delivery.

DutchTrans is the leading translation and interpretation services provider in the UK providing quality Finnish Translation and Interpretation services to corporate, individuals, government offices, tour and travels, industries, and other domains.

We hold expertise to offer an extensive variety of Finnish to English and English to Finnish language translation service to our valuable clients.

Our range of services is known for their total accuracy and competitive prices.

We have native Finnish translators and interpreters who are skilled and have several years of experience in various areas such as finance, legal, technical, marketing, and others.

Why You Choose Our Services?

  • Each Finnish translation goes through three stages: translation, editing and proof-reading.
  • Finnish translators work with translation programs Trados Translator’s Workbench and Trados MultiTerm which ensure consistent terminology.
  • Data safety, storage, and confidentiality are our responsibilities. Server storage for finished Finnish translations. If you lose your Finnish translation, we will find it in our electronic archives.
  • Educated, skilled and service-oriented Finnish project managers who continuously improve their experiences in Finnish project management.
  • We work globally and have international work experience since we have our customers and translators in all continents.
  • Additional services: layout design for Finnish translations, preprint preparation. When handing in the copy for Finnish translation, you may choose to receive the layout ready to print. Layout design service (DTP — Desktop Publishing).

Our Finnish translation specialists have provided hundreds of English to Finnish translated medical, legal, and technical texts, as well as any business document you can think of.

They have the knowledge and the experiences necessary to make sure your texts are just as professional in Finnish as they were in English.

We work online and can contact the client in any parts of the world and answer to any of your minor or major and urgent need in Finnish translation services.

To get a free quote, feel free to visit our official website and choose your source and target language and upload your file or fill in your text.

You can also take advantage of our live chat for consultations, questions or concerns.

You have questions? Share via comments.

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How to Teach English to Children Using Helen Doron English Method?

The Helen Doron English method has been used for over three decades for teaching children English.

In this period, the methodology has been used to teach English to more than 2 million children globally.

The reason for the popularity of the Helen Doron English method is attributed to its ease of implementation.

The coursework is designed to teach children English the same way they learn their mother tongue.

The model uses the same way children learn to understand and speak their native language before reading and writing to teach them English.

How to Teach English to Children Using Helen Doron English Method : eAskme
How to Teach English to Children Using Helen Doron English Method : eAskme
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The Helen Doron method for EFL was developed to make learning English much more interesting, engaging, and fun for children.

This ultimately makes it easier to learn the language as it ignites a child’s innate curiosity toward learning.

The Benefits of using the Helen Doron English Method:

This technique is founded on the fundamental doctrines of repeated hearing and positive reinforcement.

For the overall skill development of children, the impact of learning a foreign language cannot be ignored.

Using the Helen Doron English method can be beneficial in the following ways;

  • The small structured classes of 4 to 8 students help the students to gain access to one on one learning environments. The teachers are also able to give each student the required attention and also inspire a confident interactive environment.
  • The Helen Doron English Method strives to meet each child’s unique learning needs.  It takes into consideration the use of fun learning platforms like games, videos, movement and most importantly music to enhance the whole learning experience. This kind of an environment acts as a motivation for the children to pronounce the new words with ease.
  • The Helen Doron English method offers a comprehensive learning curriculum that is based solely on quality. The course also includes age appropriate provisions for children of all ages and enables them to have a grasp of the language as early as possible. The young children who go through the course are able to adequately benefit from it.
  • The teachers for each Helen Doron course and methodology are highly trained and competent to handle each child in the program. They have been equipped with all the modern learning techniques and materials in order to successfully teach the children. The teachers are always up to date with the structured pedagogic techniques that are highly essential to the Helen Doron English method. You are assured that your child will get nothing but the best and make significant progress in their pursuit of learning the English language.


The Helen Doron English method is a tried and tested approach to teaching language to children of all ages.

It is very effective because it gives children practical exposure to the English language.

It is important to note that for children, getting exposed to new foreign languages early will increase their competence level.

Aside from improving their skills in English, it also contributes to their overall development.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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