October 12, 2014

Free Online Translator Tools to Translate Foreign Languages

Noone can learn all languages of this world. Sometimes when you meet some foreign nationality  who know some language that you don`t, than either you leave conversation or you look for dictionary. But You can`t take help of dictionary when you talk. So this is where free online translator comes to help.

Online Translator : eAskme
Free Online Translator Tools Translate text Foreign Languages : eAskme
There are so many ways to translate text on Internet from one language to other language. Today we will discuss about best online translator tools that you can access from anywhere.

Here are 5 best online translator tool that you can access from anywhere.

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5 Best Online Translator Tools :

Google Translate:

Google translate is the no 1 translator is owned by Google. It is very accurate and support about 64 languages. You can detect any language without selecting it from language options. It also has voice translation. You can easily translate English to Hindi, English to Spanish, Russian to English, English to French and so more. Sometimes you can find funny translations because of typo or slang word. You can add translate button to your websites also.

Yahoo Babel Fish:

Yahoo Babel Fish is an online translator. This tool do not have detection method. You have to enter text and select input and output languages. This tool allow you to translate whole page in supported languages.


Babylon is a great online translation tool. It also have human translation feature in premium version, where you ask people to translate. For professional translation this is recommended. You can also use their regular free translation tool. You can also download desktop software.

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Translator is a part of Dictionary.com. It is a free tool. You can easily translate upto 50 languages with help of Translator. It is easy to use and simple.

Free Translation:

This tools is mostly used for complete web-page translation. Free Translation tool does not support may languages. You can try and share with us how it works for you.

Bing Translator:

This is the official translator from Microsoft and known as Microsoft Translator.com . You can add URL of web page and translate. it also provide facebook language translation.

If you want to translate online or want  an online translator then you have come to right place. These are 5 simple and best web apps to translate. Try these and do share which one works best for you.