December 22, 2014

Val & Rav : A Love that started with "Happy Birthday"

Love Story that started with "Happy Birthday"

It was just a regular day, I was using facebook and as I had habit of wishing everyone on their birthday. So I was wishing birthday to people who were in my friend list Sam, John, Val and few more. Never thought that wishing birthday to someone will change my life completely.

I am Rav, the person who was not in love not was thinking of love just busy chatting people on facebook and other then that living life of a common person. Work whole day to make money, go home take bath, have dinner and go to bed.
Love Story that started with "Happy Birthday" : eAskme
Love Story that started with "Happy Birthday" : eAskme
This routine change when I wished val "Happy Birthday". never thought that this birthday woman will be the one I fall for. We started talking as friends. I was in India and she was in UK.

This is the start of a long distance relationship. With time we build trust and fall in love. She work as support worker and I work as CCE. We care about talking everything and planning to be together for life.

Although she was a married woman, but that was nothing good for her in that. She have children. Some liked me and some totally against me. But still she loved me. I started feeling deep love.

We know when we in love we want that person in contact 24/7. She say "I love you" i say "I Love you". No matter where we are we talk.

We started planning marriage, and I started believing that long distance relationship actually happen. She wanted to come to meet me, I was also very happy to want her in my arms.

But then issues start raising their head. First my uncle sat against me, I had to stop val to come to me, didn't want her to be in front of those who don`t like her. Never thought that this decision be the reason to cut the rope of our relationship.

Same time I has accident and for two months was in comma, and when i woke up sent her message. We started talking but there was something that was missing in her talks. I do not want to say what I was feeling as i thought that feeling was because of my accident.

We have issues because of my friend. I lost job and joined a new place.

Shift timings changed. I had to work whole evening and night. When i reach home too tired that i fall asleep. I never been a good night walker so night work made my body more tiring. I was sending lesser messages to val now.

And this thing she also took against me. She started thinking that I am not with her, I was trying to collect money to reach her. I came to knwo that she left her husband and moved to new house. But as she moved to new house there was lot of lack of communication.

She wanted to talk to me when i was not on and when I send her message she not on.

She started thinking that I am ignoring her and one day she quit on me.

I started cursing myself each day after that. She loved me and I was just busy all time to save money. I blamed myself for not giving her proper time. I crushed my health and gone to hospital a few times.

I started finding her as she disabled her FB and changed her number. I tried looking her on all sites and every possible source. after more than a year I found her with changed name on FB.

What my fate showed me, she actually happy with some other guy. I started believing that she quit on me same time when she started ignoring me as she found another guy, who is also close to her, not like me who sitting in another country.

And this way a love story that make me feel my breath ended like i am not good for that.

I know there was my fault when I was working all time and I also know it is not her fault as she left me for my reasons, but what if she left me for other man. She started being in relationship with other guy 6 months before leaving me.

I don`t understand what is the truth. What you think is the truth. I don`t believe in love anymore and she said she also don`t believe in love anymore as she not wit that guy for whom she left me.

Doest love really change from on person to other or it end on one person and never get in that barren heart again. those are memories of love now.

Written by Rav

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