December 24, 2014

What is WordPress

Wordpress is World`s No. 1 content management system (CMS) has changed the scenario of blogging a lot more. 70% of bloggers are already using WordPress as their blogging platform. WordPress provide you everything that you need for a well established blog. I am writing this article to discuss how much you know about WordPress. So let`s discuss some basic questions that will help you to enhance your knowledge on WordPress.

How WordPress manages Connection Pool?

This is the very best thing for every blogger to know. Usually default connection pool 30 visitors at a time, if more visitors come than  it can cause HTTP errors like ERROR 501 or HTTP 404. To avoid this WordPress manage connection pool even more than 1000 visitors at a time. You should use WP-CACHE to manage this issue.

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What is WordPress Architecture?

Architecture is the most important thing of any project. Architecture allow us to know how all modules are interconnected. If you want to know how WordPress manages blog, handle plugins, publish articles and do much more click below image.

WordPress Architecture : eAskme
WordPress Architecture : eAskme

How WordPress Manages Queries and Connection String?

Connection string what connect database. We should know how WordPress manages connection between database and blog. We already know that when we install WordPress on server, it automatically detect username, password and server name generate connection string.

This is default connection string : $wpdb=newwpdb(db_user, db_passwd, db_name, db_host);

Now next question is that how WordPress extract data, What database queries WordPress use. See this SELECT query of WordPress to fetch data from database.

SELECT query of WordPress : eAskme
SELECT query of WordPress : eAskme

How Many Code of Lines in WordPress?

You will be amazed to know this fact, That WordPress contains more than 2 million lines of code.

How Many Code of Lines in WordPress : eAskme
How Many Code of Lines in WordPress : eAskme
I hope you liked to know these facts about Wordpress. If you like this information do share with your friends.