November 28, 2014

Essential blog Subscription Options That You Need To Add Right Now

If you are a Blogger then you must have known the importance of email subscription box. There are hundreds of email subscription options available online for Blogger or WordPress. Sometimes blogger makes a mistake by adding so many options that it confuse their reader to what to choose.

Today we will discuss about some must have subscription options for your blog. Before you add any option first need to look at your goal, and how it will be beneficial for you and your blog.
Must Have Blog Subscription Options : eAskme
Must Have Blog Subscription Options : eAskme
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A follow button for all social sites will help you grow your followers faster. As SEO changing rapidly so I recommend everyone to must use power of social networks for free traffic and also use Google Plus network to get higher ranking.

List of Must Have Blog Subscription Options:


Feedburner is the product of Google and the very widely used subscription service on blogs. It is a free product so it has some limitation, But still it is one of the best tool for this job as it offer Email subscription and feed subscription options.

If you are a serious Internet marketer than you should use Aweber. Aweber is not free but for first month they are available only for $1. So you can try it.

Twitter Follow button:

If you are a blogger then you should have a official Twitter profile. Twitter profile help you to increase social media presence. You should also tweet all your posts on twitter profile. Even today twitter is one of the best website to drive social traffic to your site. If you have a considerable number of twitter followers than you will get some link juice from it.

Google+ Follow:

Google+ is a social network, its true that it is not like facebook but if you are Internet marketer or Blogger then it is really necessary for you to have Google+ profile and Google+ Page for your site, the more followers you will have on Google+, the better you rank in search results. Create your own Google Plus profile page for your site and add follow button. You can also add Google Plus button on your blog pages.

Facebook Fan Page:

Facebook has over 900+ million user and it is the no one social network. It is clear that facebook like don`t influence your blog ranking but still it is good for traffic and social presence. If you have good number of followers then you will get good amount of traffic from facebook. You can auto publish on facebook with graffiti app, but I recommend you to share manually. You can also advertise on faacebook.

YouTube subscribe button:

YouTube is holy grail of traffic for Bloggers and Internet marketers. It is a trend to rank your first page via YouTube videos. YouTube videos are very influential as it not only give you traffic but also give you loyal followers.

These are few must have subscription options for your blog. There are some other options that you can also add.

Pinterest Follow button:

Pinterest is a quickest growing social networking site. It allow you to use use Boards and pin to drive traffic to your blog. Pinterest works great for humor related stuff, Twitter, Facebook, and Fashion. The key to get traffic from pinterest is to use attractive images.

If you use any other social networking sites like Digg, Stumbleupon or any other then you can also add their buttons to your blog. But never make your blog crowded with social buttons.

Final Words:

So friends, fans and followers, these are some of the Blog Subscription buttons, you should use to grow your blogging community and social influence. If I have missed something do let me know in comments. If you face any issues installing social buttons, feel free to ask me. If you find this post useful, don’t forget to share it on Google plus and Twitter.