December 16, 2014

What is About me Page and importance of About Page for your blog

You may have seen About page on every single website or blog you visit. There are few pages which are necessary for every site such as about me, Privacy, Contact, TOS etc. Do you know the Importance of About Page? There are people who have contact page, service page and a fancy homepage, but sometimes they forget the importance of About page.

What is About Page of a blog?

About me Page : eAskme
About me Page : eAskme
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About page is a page of a website or blog which contains important information like what your site is all about. This page also tells about why this website, what you do and Who you are. On this page you mention details about your company, strong points and achievements. About us Page is one of the most important element of a website or blog.

Usually we have seen that about me page is the most viewed page of any site. This itself tell the importance of an about me page. People always try to know about you and your site. webmasters and bloggers  always write About me page in initial days but then they forget to update it. This is one big mistake. You should always keep updating your about me page with your achievements and any updates that you do on your blog or website.

For an example : you can check the About me page from eAskme.

What is an ideal About me page?

So now we know the Importance of about page. Let`s talk about what should all About me page have.

Always remember that About me page of your blog is a point of connection between readers and you. Maintain human touch, add funny comments and also maintain professionalism.

Add information about founder of the log and add link to members page. This way, you tell readers about your team. Add links to social networking profile.

An ideal about me page should have personal and professional touch together. Write related to your education, your reason to start a blog, add your picture. Write about passion and goals. Give your readers a clear picture of your blog.

Always remind yourself what a reader what to read in about me page, this way you can write a good about me page.

Final Words:

So we see that about page is very important for any site or blog. Do share your thoughts about about me page. If you do have any suggestions feel free to let me know. Don`t forget to subscribe easkme newsletter to get updates in your inbox. Happy Blogging!