December 16, 2014

Things Blog Should Have From First Day

By Sonia
No doubt that bogging is best money making business online but still Blogging is not as easy as it sounds.  There a long checklist for a blog. But right now we stick to the pint and discuss about important things which any blog should have from day one.

Things Blog Should Have From First Day : eAskme
Things Blog Should Have From First Day : eAskme
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Things Blog Should Have From First Day

Logo or banner

Blog banner is very first thing which visitors notice. In the beginning people usually ignored the importance of a proper banner,but banner is very important in branding of a professional blog. A professional banned and logo always help in long term branding. We already remember lots of sites from their logo and banners like: Google or Yahoo. You can also find freelancer on different forums to create banner and logo for you, which can cost you from 3$-100$.

Mobile Friendly blog

These are the days of smartphones. Smartphones increasing tremendously. Day by day mobile users increasing. Blogs and sites which are mobile friendly usually have much more visitors than those who are not mobile friendly. So it is important to make your blog mobile friendly. In WordPress you can use wp-touch wordpress plugin to make blog mobile friendly.


Favicon is one of the most important factor in terms of branding. Your favicon represents your site and people recognize it faster. here are the tools to create favicon easily for your blog or website:

    Sites to generate Favicons for your website

Even on blogspot you can easily add favicon which help you in long term branding.

So these are few of the most important things that any blog should have from first day. Do share if your  already have a mobile friendly blog? and if you use favicon and banner or not? Don`t forget to subscribe eAskme newsletter to get updates.