March 01, 2019

What is a Blog?

What is a blog? This is the first thing that you should understand before even planning about blogging career. People ask me in most of the messages, conversations and emails to define "What is a Blog." If you are on this page, which means that you also want to know the answer of this questions.

From a long time I have been sharing posts about Blogging, Blogger and money making.

Still, there are billions of people who don`t even know what is a blog.

So, if you have same question, I am answering that for you.

Although, I should have answered this earlier, but still it`s good time to answer this basic Blogging question.

What is a Blog: eAskme
What is a Blog: eAskme

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So let`s see What is a Blog.

I can answer this question in so many ways, that can be lot technical for people to understand.

Before I make you clear about "What is a Blog" question, lets put your eyes on definitions of popular people.

What is a Blog : eAskme
What is a Blog : eAskme

What is a Blog

Don`t be confuse with a website.

I will explain it in really simple way.

A blog is a type of website, which is mostly arranged in chronological order.

It means that posts are sorted as latest post at the top of main page  and older entries towards bottom.

What is a Blog : eAskme
What is a Blog : eAskme
See the look of main-page of my blog here.

So I believe you have seen the look of a blog now. usually, blogs are written by one person, who update them regularly with new articles.

Blogs are usually written on a particular topic, They can be on any topic from technology to religion, to Politics, to science, to recipes, to photography.

You can create blog on any topic of your choice, or can get help from the list of Topics of Blog.

Blogs usually have communities of people and bloggers of same interest, to grow mutual interest and build relationships, where everyone can share , learn and do business also.

Blogs have a lot of features that help you get most out of your readers. Examine few of them here:


IF you look at the main-page, you might find few recent entries, some links. But you should know that there is a lot more going on under surface.

For example in addition to the main-page – at the time of writing this post there are over 690 other blog posts and pages That I have written in past few months.

When I write this post It goes on the top of the blog as it is the latest post right now.

As I add more posts it will start its journey to go move downwards.

However its life never end, as it keep living in Archive of my blog. It is a box to save all posts of a blog that can be seen anytime.

You can easily see Archive of my blog here. There you will find all old posts of my blog.


If you don`t use comments, I recommend you to do. This is necessary for conversations to take birth and go on.

You can ask question, give feedback, suggestions, discuss about any issues in comments.

As currently I am using Disqus Comment system, which allow you to easily comment with your social network profiles. Give it a try, and leave comments in comment box.

The only best way to create a blog is to read more.

Ask questions, leave comments and have discussions.

The best way is to start a blog of your own.

If you are laughing that you don`t know how to create a blog or where to start?

Feel free to Ask me or read my blog.

Glimpse of My Blogging Journey

I have already share about my blogging journey here.

Let me glimpse of my blogging journey with you – 5 years ago I knew nothing about blog.

Earlier, I was using internet for chatting, surfing, sending emails and using social networks.

But what most important thing I have ever discovered is a blog.

After reading more and more about Blogging, I decided to create a blog of my own.

I started blog on Blogspot platform.

It`s just simple.

Millions of normal people around the world already have their own blogs, they are not geeks, even housewives, moms, students, and ex servicemen all have blogs.

So if you think this is for webmasters or technology guys, you should think again, create your own blog.
If your are still confused? or you need more information, below are a few helpful articles that will help you to understand and learn.

Feel free to ask me in comments.

Final Words :

I hope you understand what is a Blog now. If you need any help creating a blog ask me. For more updates subscribe our RSS feed.