March 01, 2019

Kick Your Job Right Now for Glittering Career : I Know You Want it (How, Why and When)

Kick Your Job Right Now!

No matter in which job your are, sometimes you feel that you should kick your job.

Why you want to kick your job:

There are reasons why you may want to quit your job;
  • Word pressure
  • Hard to satisfy others
  • Regular Issues
  • Less earning as compared to working hours
  • No promotion
  • Scolding or hard boss or some other reasons that only you may know.
No matter what your reasons is still you are afraid of kicking your job.


What holds you back from kicking your job:

hold back: Kick Your Job Right Now : I Know You Want it (How, Why and When): eAskme

Job is the way you are earning money.

If you quit your job then how will you earn money.

This question always hold you back and keep you into your current situation.

Whenever you talk about quitting job, you will hear thing one, "Don't even think about it."

Do you know that only 10% of world population have the guts to quit the job and start what they call is passion.

Gladly, I am one of them.

Today, I am sharing something which may change your life.

Well after reading this I believe most of you really gonna kick your job very soon.

I will discuss why professional people are kicking their jobs and how they still make money.

What I am sharing is authentic and actionable.

Before I start...

I am making clear that the very first  and most important reason why we all work is money.

We work for money and our jobs provide us monthly income.

So lets look for every single reasons why you have a job.

Reasons for a Job:

  • Money
  • Training
  • Position
  • Name & Fame
  • Respect
  • In some cases chance to be a celebrity too.
Kick your job right now : eAskme
Kick your job right now : eAskme
Now if you look with a close eye and open mind you will see that all these things are related to only one thing that is Money.

Famous people always have enough money.


You are also earning money when you are in job.

Then why should you quit your job.

Because you are not satisfied.

Kicking your job is not an easy task, until you don`t have a strong reason.

But if you are determined to try something new then you will not think too much.

You may be thinking that quitting is bad.

But, Have you ever read the life stories of entrepreneurs.

Many entrepreneurs had quit their studies, many had quit their jobs.


Because, to start something new you have to get rid of old things that hold you back.

Today, I am giving you more reasons to quit your job.

Kick your Job When you:

  • Earn money without being an employee
  • Earn time freedom
  • Earn money freedom
  • Your work makes you famous
Now you may be thinking that what is that work which give you all these things.

Surely that is not a job.

If you know me then you probably have the idea what I am talking about.

But if you don't then you should read it carefully.

What is that glittering career which makes you quit your job?

Kick Your Job Right Now for Glittering Career : I Know You Want it (How, Why and When): eAskme

This thing is "Blogging"!

Yes you read it right.

Blogging is one of the well known and famous way to make money online. Not only making money online but it also bring you name and fame.

There is a huge list of bloggers such as Jeremy, Michael Arrington, Gina Marie Trapani, Pete Cashmore and many more who are million dollar bloggers.


I have already shared why Blogging is best online money making business?

Why you should blog?

I have shared the 37+ reasons why you should blog.

Blogging allows you to;
  • Choose the topic of your own interest
  • Work whenever you want
  • Work from wherever you want
  • Stay with your family or travel.
With blogging you have more time to spend with family and friends.

What can be more beneficial than an happy life which Blogging bring to us.

If you know my story, then you know That I had quite the job to start blogging. Since then I have feeling of great satisfaction. I am working for myself and my writing helps others.

What About Money?

Money: Kick Your Job Right Now for Glittering Career : I Know You Want it (How, Why and When): eAskme

There is no limit on how much money you can make. Here are the few guides for your reference that will help you to make money blogging:

Here are the live examples for you;
  1. $200/month
  2. $800/day
  3. $1000
  4. $10,000
  5. $12,000

Is the blogging only way to make money after kicking my job?

Is the blogging only way to make money after kicking my job: eAskme


Why I shared blogging is because it worked for me and many others.

But, it doesn't mean that blogging is the only way that can save you from jobs.

There are tons of other work/businesses you can do to make money after quitting your job, such as;
  • Freelance work
  • Photography
  • Research
  • Real estate business, etc.
No matter what you do the ultimate goal is to bring satisfaction in your life.

Final Words:

The reason why I shared this post is to tell you that job is not the whole world.

think outside the box and you fill find a whole lot of opportunities that will save you from working as a machine and live as a human being.

I hope money and fame are the enough reasons for anyone to kick their job.

If you still have any question, Feel free to ask me via comments.

Be happy, Live long!

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