January 19, 2015

Secret Revealed : How to Attract Girls on Beach

You may have noticed that so many girls go to beaches in skimpiest dress to get noticed and flirt with guys. If you exude a confident, dress to impress and have fun-loving energy, Then you are going to attract them. Today we will see the tips to attract girls on beach.

How to Attract Girls on Beach : eAskme
How to Attract Girls on Beach : eAskme
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How to Attract Girls on Beach

  • How to Attract Girls on Beach

  • Dress according to your body type. Wear a nice pair of swim trunks, ff you have an athletic build. Wear light colored t-shirt if you have a belly. 

  • Set up umbrella, beach towel  etc in the middle of a high concentration of girls. This will give you opportunity to a variety of different girls without drawing too much attention. 

  • Play beach game with friends, such as volleyball or frisbee. Choose a game which will attract girls attention.
  • Take a break to enjoy music and refreshing drinks.

  • Offer sodas to approaching girls.

  • Ask nearby girls to recommend a radio station.

  • Ask girls if they would like to join you for game.

  • Take break from game and make conversation with girls who played with you. Compliment them.
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