January 04, 2015

Interview with Steve Counsell from SteveCounsell

Today we are going to publish third interview on EASKME.com. It was great experience to get to know about Steve Counsell from SteveCounsell. Steve Counsell is a motivational and educational speaker based in Brighton UK. You can subscribe Steve Counsell`s blog to get his upcoming DIY SEO Book.

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Please share about yourself and your story to enter in blogging? 

I have been in the web business also from the start. Back in 1993 I worked for Nestlé and was lucky enough to be involved in some of the very first implementations of MS IIS (Web services) to bring manufacturing data back to head office managers screens. Sonce those days I have maintained a keen interest in all things web related and fro m those early days of developing .ASP (active server pages) I've learned about lots of web technologies including CSS3, HTML5, PHP and mySQL databases.

I've been designing and developing websites for commercial clients of around 10 years and now run a small SEO and Web Development business from my home in Hove UK. In 2015 I'll be publishing a book on how to run your own SEO Campaign and am promoting that through the use of a solid SEO Campaign based on content production, link building and social media interactions.

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I have written articles and blogs it seems forever but am now more of a blogger than ever before. I spend at least 505 of my working time writing and this is mainly due to the book and the SEO campaigns I run for my self and for clients.

At the start of my blogging career it always seemed difficult to get the creative juices flowing, a sort of permanent writer block. These days I use MyBlogU to help me create the spark of an idea that I know about and then set about writing a detailed answer to someone perceived question. Most of my writing is all about SEO but I also venture into public speaking techniques and a little about photography and lighting both of which are major hobbies for me. I just love to speak in front of an audience no matter how small of large that might be. I'm also a keen photographer and enjoy showing people that they don't need the latest high tech and expensive gear to get great photos.

My challenge in January 2015 is to write a new blog post every day on my website at stevecounsell.

How the idea to make your own blog came in your mind? How you found the right people to develop it and what big obstacles you faced? 

Creating a blog of my own started out being a personal diary made public. I realized that some of the things that I was writing about were fairly mundane and uninteresting to most people. I then turned my attention to writing about the business things I know about and eventually landed on writing expert posts about Search Engine Optimization.

When I started out writing I knew nothing about Wordpress, in fact I'd not even heard of it and so i started with a website built using RapidWeaver from Realmac Software; my son Dan owns the company so it was a natural choice I suppose.  soon wanted to post things to my blog while I was away from my main computer and RapidWeaver was not able to let me do that. I tried various ways of setting things up to allow me to post when away from the office and even went as far as developing my own bespoke web  based CMS. Crazy days!

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When I found blogging platforms like wordpress, timblr and blogger things just got a whole lot simpler. Post to the blog using any web browser makes things really easy.

During 2014 I stumbled across MyBLogU over and althogh I have been an infrequent user of the system I am now fully plugged into the process and plan to use it every day to spark more ideas and to get others to contribute to my blog at stevecounsell.

Can blogging really change someone`s life?  

I find that from a personal perspective blogging has and is changing my life. I use blogs as a way to spill my thoughts out onto paper (electronic paper that is).

I know that for some who have started blogging and really stuck to it providing value to a small readership that simply grows over time, then their lives will be changed in some way. The discipline of writing every day is one that many of us never achieve but those of us, like me, who do write our thoughts down each day can honestly say that the process is therapeutic and cathartic. When I provide a really detailed blog on a subject that I know people want to know about then I feel really great knowing that I have at least enriched one personal life with the knowledge that I have provided to them.

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Maybe this feeling is based on my absolute desire to teach and to inspire people but it is there all the same. I do wonder sometimes what will happen to all of my content once I have passed on the the next life and my blog hosting platform has been deleted. It seems sad in a way and almost like book burning to delete a self hosted wordpress blog.

What are your favorite Internet marketing tools?  

Linkedin articles and Twitter are my favorite tools. I use facebook too and of course Google+ and Pinterest but I feel that I have had the most success with LinkedIn Articles especially when the subject is in any way controversial. one of my articles on LinkedIn asked the question "are there any minuses to Google plus". It attracted 116 comments. 

What is your daily schedule? and how do you maintain your tasks?  

My schedule is a little chaotic as I have to deal with caring for an elderly parent, client work and my personal blogs and so on.  I fit in as much writing as possible an dam currently writing this answer at almost 11 pm on New years Day so you'll, see I sort of make up my schedule as I go.

It was a great honor to personally know Steve and learn his dedication towards his career. We will be keep updating more successful interviews with famous and leading personalities.
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