January 11, 2015

Why Every Business Should be Blogging?

Modern technology has made it easy to build a brand and get the target audience's attention with just a few clicks.

Blogging and Social networks make this job more manageable. Billions of people are coming on social networks daily, which helps you gain many followers.

Therefore, social media is the best marketing medium.

Blogging helps you to stay connected with your audience and give them the latest news on products, services, companies or industries.

If you have a business and ask me why you should start blogging, here is the answer.

Why Every Business Should be Blogging : eAskme
Why Every Business Should be Blogging : eAskme
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Why Every Business Should be Blogging:


When you connect a blog with a website, it helps you with plenty of new traffic.

You need to have valuable and well-written content for your audience.

Even if your blog is not connected to your site, you can still add a link to your site on the visible part of your blog to gain traffic.

Also, after writing a blog post, share the link of that post to all social network profiles; this also helps you gain more traffic.

Represents You as an Expert:

Blogging allows you to outrank your competitors and shine in your niche.

Writing helps you gain traffic and increase your knowledge, and you will find out what your readers are looking for, which helps to build a reputation.

In addition, blogging is an excellent way to gain the loyalty and trust of visitors.

Connect with Customers:

Blogging also helps you to stay connected with your customers.

You should reply to every single comment on your blog, showing your visitors that you are available to help them.

When you see a question, you know many others can have the same question.

Write articles on the questions you receive. When your readers see that you listen to them, they will surely stick to your blog.

Build Brands:

Branding is essential these days, and blogging allows you to make your site or product a brand.

It increases your online presence.

When you put the keywords in articles, you gain targeted customers for those keywords.

And when visitors see your company name on the blog, they always remember it.


Writing articles and sharing them online help in search engine rankings and will leverage your brand.

Search engines also love new content, so you should be blogging.

New content shows that your site is active.


So these are the most important reasons for any business to start blogging.

I hope these are enough for you to start a blog.

Always be consistent and make money blogging.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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