January 17, 2015

SEO Skills Every SEO Must have

As SEOs, we should always ready to learn lot more stuff. There are many SEOs who are experience the impostor syndrome . But we are not impostors.

It`s true that there is no advanced degree in SEO but we are SEOs because we possess knowledge and ability. No the question is what kind of knowledge SEOs need? So here is the list of important areas of SEO that SEOs should know.

But you should know that you need not to have in-depth knowledge of every aspect. You just need a good understanding of these. It`s true that noone can be expert in every field of SEO.

SEO Skills Every SEO Must have: eAskme
SEO Skills Every SEO Must have: eAskme
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If you are aware of these important areas, then you have a good SEO skill in you. These are interrelated ares. So let`s see Best Areas of Knowledge Every SEO Must have.

SEO Skills Every SEO Must have:

On-Page SEO:

This is an important factor of SEO for everyone. It is the very basic step:
  •     URLs
  •     Title tag
  •     Page content
  •     H1s
Now a days everyone know about on-page optimization or on-page SEO, So it is more important for you to understand it`s importance and always apply best practices for your content, URL, metas and title.

Link Profiles:

Now the next important factor is Link profile. Link profile of a site has maximum impact on how the site is show in search results. You should know that what is a good link and what is a spammy link.

Keyword Research:

Keyword research is always important. You just need to understand the basic of how to search a keyword. What are the best keywords and which keywords drive traffic ?

Linking Best Practices:

Linking website to another is a very important SEO factor. Linking has changed but it is still important. You should understand every aspect of linking, both internal and external.

Local SEO:

Local SEO is very important for a local business to show in search traffic to target local customers. Local SEO is a big field and here are the basics:
  •     NAP – Name, Address, and Phone Number of Business
  •     Mention business on web for Local citations.
  •     Business must have profiles on the Internet like Google Local, Yelp and Foursquare, are important for a local business.
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Reviews are also important for local search.


It is possible that you are an SEO and never bid on any keyword. But there are many SEOs who work on both organic search and paid search.

You just need to understand that paid searches are also a thing which show as ads in search results.

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Mobile SEO:

Mobile SEO is a very new aspect of SEO universe. You should also know about it. You just need to understand how to do optimization for mobile SEO.

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Conversion Optimization:

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) or Conversion optimization help users to have a webpage and clicking on link or purchase a product.

Conversion optimization go side by side with SEO. Where SEO give you traffic, CRO convert that traffic into sales for you. You should understand basics of CRO, landing pages, A/B testing etc.

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If you are an SEO that means you are in marketing or video marketing. Marketing means “the business or action of selling and promoting services or products.” When you do search engine optimization, you actually promoting a product or service of a website. With the knowledge of this your SEO will improve.

HTTP Status Codes:

Take Moz’s SEO Expert Quiz and find out how much you know about SEO. Here you will learn HTTP status codes. These codes shows when search engines are not able to find what people are looking for.
  •     200 – successful information transfer
  •     302 – the page and search spiders are redirected to a new page (transfers link juice)
  •     301 – Permanent redirection/visitors are redirected to a new page
  •     500 – there is no page
  •     404 – Page is not found
  •     504 – Page is unavailable for some reason
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Web Development:

You need not to understand hot to create pages but you need to understand web development. This will help you to implement SEO best practices into your websites.


Search algorithms defines what and how results are returned in the SERPs. We already know that algorithm is responsible for determining search results. Only Google employees know the entire algorithm.

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Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is still alive and it is used by some of the most influential SEO`s or bloggers today. You should know what is guest blogging. Guest blogging is the secret way to spread influence and reach.

Content Marketing:

Content marketing is necessary if you want to succeed. It has so many applications and variationss. But the important thing is that to succeed in online marketing, your business must producer high quality content. You can do it with unique videos, infographics, Slideshares, podcasts, blog articles etc.

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User Experience:

User experience is very important. User can easily access your site and navigate.

Semantic Search:

Semantic search introduced recent years. Hummingbird update has made things clear about semantic search, and alerted that it`s not just about keywords, It`s about everything language and best practices.

Social Media:

You need not to spend your whole life on Social Media. You just need to understand how to focus on popular social networks like Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


All your SEO knowledge come on test when it see any Penalty.
Google’s penalties are of two types:
  •     Algorithm penalty – When site violates rules of the algorithm, and site lose traffic and rank.
  •     Manual penalty – When a Google Employee manually review your site and penalize it.

Final Words:

These are the  are powerful 18 Areas of SEO Skills Every SEO Must have. Include trust, honesty and communication with these and you will become master of your niche.

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