Build A Successful Email List : Bloggers Advice

How to Build A Successful Email List : Bloggers Advice (Sobold)

The most important thing in an email distribution list is making sure that if someone doesn't reply, you do not keep on spamming them. This marks your card for future reference. Mark down exactly who you have contacted before and if they haven't replied do not approach them again. The subject line of the email is extremely important as well. As your audience a question, and engage them. By writing an out of the box subject line, you immediately grab their attention.

Build A Successful Email List : Bloggers Advice : eAskme
Build A Successful Email List : Bloggers Advice : eAskme
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The Things which transform visitors to subscribers (HellBoundBloggers)

1. Quality content
2. Free gifts
Apart from that if you have an option form and a smart bar floating on top, the chances are great.

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Offer A Great Resource (Gajizmo)

The best strategy for building up an email list is trading an email address for an exclusive resource. The free resource can be anything - a comprehensive guide, tutorial, checklist, eBook, or plugin - but it has to be unique and valuable otherwise readers will immediately opt-out. Furthermore, setting up an opt-in form at the end of every blog post will maximize exposure as well as cater primarily to readers who thoroughly consumed your content and now see the value in becoming a loyal fan of your blog.

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Strategy for building a mailing list 

My name is Natalia Khon, I am a blogger and a jewelry artist. This is my blog: MagicJewelleryBox

I have just started building my email list recently even though I was blogging for a while. I just did not know what updates to write in my newsletter before. I was not sure if people wanted an actual newsletter about my blog's updates. It all came to me when I decided to do regular giveaways (every other week). Since I make jewelry it is easy for me to come up with a prize! When I have made this decision I realized what my newsletter should be about, how to promote it, build it successfully and why people would want to open it. People need to subscribe for my giveaway newsletter in order to participate in my giveaways. When time comes for the next giveaway, they will receive an update about it! Since they have participated in my giveaways before they will most likely want to stay subscribed and open my newsletters. It was only a bit more than a month since I started building my mailing list and I already can say that I am satisfied with my strategy.

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Treat Your email list like a dating list Time Money Problem

Love your list and your subscribers will love you. Give, give and give some more.

Remember that every email is another chance to unsubscribe, so make damn sure they are all top-notch.

Be different - People  want to see UNIQUE

Remember that when someone subscribes to your list it is an invitation to you - permission to enter the privacy of their phones and computers.

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