Google Brings Safe Browsing Protections to Google Analytics Users

If you are a website owner than you know the importance of Google Webmaster Tools. If you have used Google Webmaster Tools than you may have seen Safe Browsing notifications earlier.

Google Brings Safe Browsing Protections to Google Analytics Users : eAskme
Google Brings Safe Browsing Protections to Google Analytics Users : eAskme
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Safe Browsing is a built-in feature of Webmaster Tools. It alerts when Google detects some problem on your site that could cause bad user experience, like if your site began infecting visitors with malware or has been hacked.

Now Google has announced extended safe browsing protections to Google Analytics users also.  So if you have Google Analytics set up but not Webmaster Tools, still you will get all notifications regarding content on their site.

Here’s an example of notification:

This is also Google’s effort to protect Internet users. Google has also announced earlier to start issuing warnings when users visit sites that prompt unwanted downloads. Earlier Google revised documentation on hacked sites with detailed information about how to fix with those issues.

Google is dedicated towards making Internet a safer place. I believe that we can expect further enhancements in near future. If you have received a Safe Browsing notification from Google, then I recommend you to read about Google’s best practices for dealing with website hacks.

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