April 30, 2015

Guaranteed Success in Blogging

"Guaranteed Success in Blogging", this is what everyone want. But most of the people do not know what is the Guaranteed Success in Blogging? and if there is a guarantee of success then why many bloggers fail in first 3 months. You should know that Success comes handy to those who know how to do things without loosing focus and dedication even when the hard time hit them.

Today I am sharing what some fellow bloggers think about Guaranteed Success in Blogging. For me blogging is a passion and this is what make me go through everything and sit in the top list of bloggers.
Guaranteed Success in Blogging : eAskme
Guaranteed Success in Blogging : eAskme

Guaranteed Success in Blogging

What do we mean by success? (David Leonhardt)

"Success" in any endeavor, regardless of its meaning, is never guaranteed. It is a combination of hard work, clever strategy and dumb luck. In blog"Success" in any endeavor, regardless of what it means to you, is never guaranteed. It is a combination of hard work, clever strategy and dumb luck. In blogging, success might be:
  • To make a full-time living
  • An extra source of income
  • A soap box to state one’s opinions
  • Therapeutic
  • To improve one’s writing skills
  • A means of building a professional reputation
  • Lead generation
  • Or many other possibilities
The closest to guaranteeing success is to follow a path of relentless effort and networking.

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Effort means taking the time to come up with original angles in your niche and writing the best, most original blog posts ever.  It means taking the time to find out what will be useful to your readers.  It means making the effort to include unique and above-average images in your posts.  It means sharing on social media, and engaging with commenter both there and on the blog.

Networking is just as important.  It is in networking with other bloggers (regardless of niche) that you learn of new strategies and techniques, of new tools, of changes in standards and expectations, and of opportunities for partnership or promotion.

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The people you network with can become your biggest fans, too, making them an amazing help in promotion, not to mention troubleshooting when the Great Inexplicable takes down your blog or makes your posts look like a Salvador Dali painting.

This path covers the essentials, no matter what your definition of blogging success might be.
Woody Allen said "Eighty percent of success is showing up."  I guess that is one way you might guarantee success - as long as your car doesn't break down.

Consistency and a pipeline of ideas (Zen Ameer)

With all the writing skills in the world, you may still find it hard producing content when you want to get down to doing so. We hear that some tools are great for countering this, but it's not the tools but a supply of ideas that you need to build up. Sometimes, you will not get any ideas when you want to jot things down. I find that keeping a notepad with me helps to jot down ideas as soon as I think of them no matter where I am. I may be at a coffee shop or at the store when an idea comes to mind, and I quickly jot it down right away.

Also, add points to your idea if possible - you'll be surprised how those little points can add to fleshing out your eventual write-up. You don't need to have these topic ideas in order because when you do feel like getting down to writing, you can go through your list of ideas and start on one that gets your brain working immediately.

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Success is always an uncertain thing like time. But still Your dedication, knowledge, hard-work, focus, family, friends, fans, followers and even unknown visitors bring the guaranteed success in Blogging.

You should remember that it is only you who is responsible for the success and the failure in your life. People can sit behind you and motivate you, but still it`s only you who decide in the end that which step you should take.

Success comes handy when you know the keys to success. The biggest key for the success behind me and eAskme is, that I always appreciate every person who come to my blog or talk to me or want my help or suggest me anything.

I appreciate my readers and followers for filling my inbox and comments with question as It give me good idea to know what my readers want from my site and I also thank everyone to bring me Guaranteed Success in Blogging.

When you figure it out, let me know! (Trevor J Wallace)

I don't mean to waste your time with speculation, but I have some ideas about how to go about this. Unfortunately luck is as much a factor as ability in my scenario but I thought I'd share it anyway. Maybe you can tell me if I'm crazy or if there's an element of actual potential here. I write a blog mainly devoted to religion and politics and another that focuses on music. Whenever I finish a blog, I naturally share it on all the social media sites I belong to (Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and Pinterest primarily). Beyond that, I'll post a link on pages that are related to the subject. For the political one, I post on The Daily Show, every liberal Facebook page and often the pages of the subjects of my blog if they have one - this has gotten my in trouble in the past when Tom Cotton's people reported me for calling him a numbskull, but that actually got me more views. The music stuff I'll usually post a link on the artist's wall and other music-related pages.

My dream is to have my blog a regular feature on a major entity's wall, like a permalink to my stuff. A page like The Daily Show or Rolling Stone consistently pointing their followers to my stuff. More than actually getting a job with any of these outlets, it would allow me the freedom to continue writing on my own time and terms without much oversight. Is this realistic or simply a pipe dream?

Like I said, I haven't reached the point of being a successful blogger, but I feel like this is one way to go about it. My two cents. Thanks.

If you have any question, or suggestion, feel free to share via comments.
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