March 15, 2015

Useful Blogging Tools To Help You Blog Smartly

I have been using many Blogging tools, softwares, websites and apps to enhance my blogging. Today I have decided to share those tools with my readers.

Useful Blogging Tools To Help You Blog Smartly: eAskme
Useful Blogging Tools To Help You Blog Smartly: eAskme
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Most of the tools I have already talked about earlier. Today I am putting all of them together at one place for you, so you can easily know which are best blogging tools. Few tools are work on desktop also. Do let me know if you also like desktop blogging tools.

List of Best Blogging Tools for Your Blog:

When I say Blogging tools, I am talking about those blogging tools without which blogging is incomplete. This will surely help newbie bloggers.

Windows live writer:

Windows live writer is a desktop editor. It help you to increase productivity of your blog. It not only allow you to write but you can also enhance, edit and add content with images. You can easily do waterkmarking on images.

Blogo (Desktop blog editor for Mac):

If you are on Mac, then Blogog is best choice for you. Blogo is a popular desktop editor for Mac. It allows you to write and publish content to WordPress blog from dashboard. It offers awesome features such as retrieve published post, upload images directly from desktop, Image editing, and more. It is available in Mac App store.

You can alternatively use Desk also.


If you are from non-english speaking countries then their is the tools for you. It help me to proof-read and fix grammatical errors. In the starting of 2015, I started using Grammarly, and I’m in love with it. This tool is highly recommended for anyone who is struggling with English. You can try Grammarly for free using the below link.

Try Grammarly


I specially recommend this tool to everyone. BuzzSumo is a free tool. It help you to find most shared content from any blog. Just enter URL of the blog and see most shared post from that blog on social media. The best thing is that it is free.

Content Title maker:

I have already talked about the importance of attractive post title. Post title play vital role for the success of a blog post. Title should be something which grab more eyeballs. it will also help you to get more social-media sharing. This tool help you to create awesome titles.

ManageWp for managing multi WordPress site:

If you have multiple blog on WordPress blog, then ManageWP is for you. It allows you to manage multiple WordPress blog from one dashboard. It`s free version allow you to manage 5 sites. If you want to manage more sites than you should go for premium ManageWP

Do you have multiple social profiles and feel it hard to share content manually on all networks, then BufferApp is for you. It is highly recommend to tool to manage multi-media social profile.

Snag it: 

Snag it a desktop tool which makes image capturing and editing easy. It is a premium tool and worth buying. It is highly recommended image editing tool for Bloggers.

Video Blogging Tool : Camtasia

Video blogging make your blog go viral. Camtasia is an awesome video recording tool. It help you to create a screencast and makevideo tutorials.


I have already shared about this wonderful tool. SEMRUSH is a fantastic tool to help you in SEO. SEMRUSH Help you research keywords, generate SEO reports and monitor backlinks to your blog. I love this tool. You can read about SEMRUSH here and try it completely free for 15 days.

PayPal for Payments:

Do you want a secure online payment service. Paypal is one of the best and secure service to send and receive money worldwide. It`s free service.


Email list is really necessary for the success of a website or blog. It help you to read out to your subscribed users any time. Aweber is one of the best email marketing tools with awesome feature it offers. It also allow you to setup RSS feed of blog to send out newsletter to eMail subscriber. You can start with $1.

Money Making Programs:

BuysellAds, Adsense and many other money making programs help you make money blogging.


Otherinbox is an addon for Gmail. It organize Emails and give them label.

Flickr Uploader: 

I have already talked about how to drive traffic from Flickr. Flickr not only help you to drive traffic but also help to get free backlinks.


Skype is the best way to connect with others. teamviewer also help to run online courses.
So these are the few free and paid tools to start blogging and boost your blog. Now it’s your turn to use these Blogging Weapons.

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