June 25, 2015

AdSense Invalid Activity Payment Deduction Feature

From a long time every adsense publisher was in need to check the invalid activity payment deduction but there was nothing to check it. So here is the good news for all AdSense publishers for payment calculation. We asked many times that we need the report on how much money we are losing due to invalid activities. AdSense have added Invalid Activity payment deduction feature. This feature helps every AdSense publishers to check revenue loss due to invalid activities.

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Invalid Activity payment deduction feature : eAskme
AdSense Added Invalid Activity payment deduction feature : eAskme
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Till now when you login to AdSense dashboard, you notice estimated earning. But, usually when you get paid, payment amount is different than the estimated amount. This happens because of invalid activities.

Invalid activities are those impressions and clicks which seems to be invalid. Such as traffic from un-allowed sources, Automated clicking tools, Accidental clicks etc which seems not-human. For such invalid activities, AdSense never charge from advertisers, and that`s why you don’t get paid for such invalid clicks.

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In May 2015, AdSense team have added Invalid Activity payment deduction feature in the payment history section for all adsense publishers. Now, you can see “Invalid traffic” section which shows the amount you didn’t get paid. This report is available every single AdSense publisher.

This feature also make Adsense the no 1 contextual ad network for bloggers because of it`s transparency for Adsense Publishers. Now check your AdSense payment history for see invalid traffic report.

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