November 08, 2015

AdSense Matched Content Guide : Everything that You Need to Know

If you are reading blogs or visited sites then you may have seen the recommended articles after every post on a blog. But have you ever thought of monetizing recommended articles section?

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AdSense Matched Content Guide : eAskme
AdSense Matched Content Guide : eAskme
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This is a new and easy way to monetize your blog.  Native ad networks like Outbrain is growing because Publishers and advertisers both like it.   So today I am sharing a complete guide about Adsense matched content ad feature.

What is AdSense Matched Content and How to make make money from it?

AdSense matched content is same as related posts. It a recommendation tool that is absolutely free and it will also help you add related posts.

But here is another "BUT", Matched content is not available for everyone. Currently it is only available for selected AdSense publishers. See what Google say about Matched Content feature:

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Now lets see how you can check if your website is eligible for matched content ad type or not.

The reason I am calling it ad unit is because soon adsense will let you show ads in You might be wondering why I’m calling it as an ad type when it’s just a free content recommendation tool. A reason being is, this started as a recommendation tool, but soon AdSense will let you show ads in matched content.

Lets see the official metrics:
AdSense Matched Content – Complete Guide

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I personally believe that soon new matched content ad type will outperform other banner ads. This is a free tool, see if you are eligible and try it.

Example of recommended article would appear:
AdSense Matched Content – Complete Guide

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Things you should know about AdSense Matched Content ad recommendation tool:
  •     Your site need to be eligible.
  •     Free from existing ad limit
  •     Supports web, tablet and mobile.

How to Check if your website is eligible for AdSense Matched Content type or not?

  •     Login to AdSense account.
  •     Click on Gear icon
  •     Select settings.
  •     Click on Site management.
  •     You will see list of your sites and you might see “Matched content” column like this below
AdSense Matched Content – Complete Guide

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Click on "Matched Content" to check if your site status is approved or not.

If you one of those lucky publishers who have matched content approved for your site, the next thing is to create new ad.
  •     Select “Matched content” in the ad type. 
  •     Place the ads below blog post.
  •     Use atleast one image in every blog post.

Final words:

It will take some time before matched content ad type will be available for everyone. AdSense is experimenting it for the first time and this will definitely add a new revenue stream.

Usually viral sites make huge money using this type of ads. The best thing with AdSense is quality measures. So now you understand what is the matched content ad type and how to use it. 

For now, do share you are eligible for Matched content AdSense ads or not? do share your initial experience.

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