June 26, 2015

How Not to Abuse the Power of Ranking

Gone are the days of spamming. Google rewards those follow their guidelines while punishing those who violate it. Google wants to be fair with everyone. Whether it is a big business or a small one. Treating everyone the same when it's about ranking.
How Not to Abuse the Power of Ranking : eAskme
How Not to Abuse the Power of Ranking : eAskme
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But never can we be ignorant about the first page's SERP. There is proof of huge market share because of advertising. So when anyone wants to outrank the competition the fact is advertising is the way to go. So today I will discuss about How Not to Abuse the Power of Ranking.

Google Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Doesn’t Differentiate Some Desktop Ranking Signals

Anyone that manipulates their ranking order will be penalized by Google. So if that happens you may find that it will take a while to get your site back on track Most don't realize that search engines went as far as setting the rules about what to do and what not.

So with that in mind why did Google decide to take action against anyone who over optimize their websites? Answer is because we all want rank. With the new algorithm updates the abuse of ranking is prevented.

Google Mobile-Friendly Ranking Factor Runs In Real-Time

So with that in mind what can be done that your site isn't affected by misusing ranking factors?

How Not to Abuse the Power of Ranking

Start with a good looking profile

When you think about it. SEO is about more than just links. We want to outrank our competition and have that spot on top of SERP businesses. Many change tactics and use unnatural links for their site. Yes we know and acknowledge that link is an important factor for ranking. But now Google takes over 200 search components into consideration.

Ways to Make Old Pages Rank in Google Again

This has caused many sites to suffer because of aggressive and unnatural ways to get their ranking. But it did more than just affect traffic. Even traffic gets affected too. Proof that Google is looking for quality.

So we want to avoid being penalized by Google. Here is some advice that can be considered.

  • It is good to focus on topically relating websites.
  • Never use keyword anchor text.
  • Make sure to avoid any adult sites and sites that is penalized.
  • Make sure not to link to any directory sites for articles. 
  • Avoid low quality sites and social bookmarking sites.
  • Don't buy links.
  • Never consider participating in link networks.

Mobile Usability is A Ranking Factor In Mobile Search Results

Avoid stuffing your web content with keywords
Many have the tendency to populate websites with keywords. Too many consider rank, no matter if people are happy with the site's content or not. Some even go as far as integrating hidden keywords.

In 2011 keyword stuffed pages would perform well. Now that doesn't work anymore. As it has no value for users.

  • So with that in mind here is some tips you can follow.
  • Never repeat keywords over and over again. 
  • Consider using term relationship that can tap potential opportunities.

The use of high quality content.

Biggest mistake to make is to think that just producing content is enough to get ranking. So many would write 500 words articles and reproduce it.  Now with the digital marketing industry things changed. It is very competitive. So the use of high quality content is the way if you want rank.
Some tips for high quality content.

Backlink Strategies for Getting High Google Pagerank

  • Consider your audience. It is very important to know who will be reading your content. You have to consider who this article is targeted at. What they will be looking for?
  • Make sure to do research. Make sure you have the the correct information. Make sure your content is unique. Don't be a copy. Be original. 
  • Make use of headings, sub-headings. Consider the one thought one paragraph idea. That way your content is easier to read. Make use of the correct images and videos. That way your content is much more appealing.
  • Make sure that you don't make mistakes with misspelling or grammar.
Consider user experience.
We know that links and content plays a big role when you think about your site's rank. But always remember it is the experience that makes a difference. As Google made it very clear that user experience will be considered. So make sure that the goal a user friendly experience, as it is Google's main goal.

So to make sure it is user friendly here is a few things you can do. Optimize your content. Make sure you use images that loads fast and videos that is just as quick to load.

Make sure your website's hierarchy and archives is fixed. it is very important to make sure that your website is compatible and optimized for mobile, tablet and all browsers.

Careful of sitewide links overuse
We know that sitewide links can be very useful. But over use can be damaging to your website. If you want to know what Google think's about sitewide links. They released a video about that in 2012.

Google counts only 100 sites from a domain as one. But if they find a link irrelevant or even off topic, that will be a very negative thing for the site as it will affect performance and trustworthiness.

So how do we know if Google is treating a sitewide link negatively? 
If the links is found to be spam or is considered keywords rich text. If it is natural links that is followed but is still found to be hidden in a place that doesn't allow traffic or click through.

Last thoughts.
We know that we worry about website ranking. We want to make sure it ranks well with . But as this article show we should not think about manipulating or abusing rank. Just to make sure we get good ranking. This method will fail. Which affects traffic. So consider following Google's guidelines. You can improve the performance of your site. But most important you can be viewed as a user friendly website by Google and can still continue to give high quality content to the users who go on your site.