Shopify and Facebook Join Together to Get Buy Button

Today was it was announced that Facebook and Shopify teamed up to work on a buy button that means people will be able to buy without leaving Facebook.
Shopify and Facebook Join Together to Get Buy Button : eAskme
Shopify and Facebook Join Together to Get Buy Button : eAskme
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It has been in the works since July 2014. First it was thought that Facebook would join Stripe. As it is the company that uses Twitter's buy button. But now it is known that Facebook decided on Shopify.

A small group of merchants already use Shopify. So you may see it already on Facebook. But it is still growing to include different businesses.

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First priority was still privacy. Shopify is user friendly as it has privacy in mind. So it promises to be secure and safe even when using Facebook. It is a personal choice to save payment details for future purchases. But with that said. Remember it is more convenient and easy to purchase that way.

Starting today US based merchants will start to receive invitations to use the Buy button. If you are a merchant and you are interested in using the Buy button. But still haven't received an invite. You can sign up by going to the bottom of the Shopify announcement. You can join there to express that you are interested in joining this test.  

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Once this sales channel on Facebook is added to your account on Shopify. You will be able to post products with the option to buy. Also you can advertise the posts with paid advertising. For safety all customer and order details goes from Facebook to Shopify. Where it will be managed.

It seems to be the new trend for companies to add purchase buttons on their respective platform. Twitter was the first as they started Last September. In February Pinterest announced that thy will be adding a Buy button. Last month news broke that Google will start using their own power button.

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So if you are a Facebook merchant. This joining may be of great benefit to you. If you are a customer that is interested in buying. It means not leaving Facebook to buy. With safe and secure transactions.

So this can be a revolutionary update. What you think about this buy button feature?
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