August 13, 2023

How to Train Your SEO Team? Complete Guide!

Train your SEO team to be successful. SEO Training programs are becoming part of every SEO firm and team. It is the way to improve SEO skills and the onboarding of your team members.

It is easy to train yourself but challenging to train a complete SEO team.

Where you need commitment to teach yourself SEO, you need more than one thing and strategies to train your team the real SEO.

Most SEO experts hire services, SEO beginners, or SEO professionals to get the job done. To ensure that your SEO team can handle the current project, you need to train and brief them regularly.

Large enterprises often run different SEO training programs for their SEO professionals.

SEO professionals will do more than one thing, and you need:

  • Scalable SEO training program.
  • Practical SEO training.

Today you will learn the effective ways to team your team's professional SEO and improve SEO skills.

Why Does Your Team Needs an SEO Training Program?

How to Train Your SEO Team, Step-by-steo SEO Training guide: eAskme
How to Train Your SEO Team, Step-by-steo SEO Training guide: eAskme

The SEO training program is as essential as any other training program for teams working in a business.

SEO experts and teams are pretty busy. Sometimes they need more time to update themselves.

SEO training programs are the best way to improve SEO team members' skills.

Benefits of SEO Training Program:

Results in SEO depend upon the expertise of SEO professionals.

SEO professionals must stay updated.

Practical training is the best way to teach SEO teams.

SEO Training programs are the most effective way to train SEO newbies and experts.

It is a must to train your SEO team.

Let’s find out how to create a professional SEO training program for your SEO team.

1. Planning:

Planning or outlining is the first thing you need before creating an effective SEO training program.

Make sure that you add all the essentials to your SEO training course.

Add SEO essentials in logical order.

Write down all the factors or topics you want to cover in your SEO course.

Add practical, philosophical, and influential factors to make your SEO training program engaging and exciting.

Here is what you should contain in your SEO training program for your team:

  • SEO Introduction
  • SEO Understanding
  • SEO Fundamentals
  • On page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Topic Research
  • Content Planning
  • SEO Audits
  • Links
  • Site Structure
  • SEO Standard Operating Procedures
  • SEO Workflow
  • SEO Reporting
  • Rank Monitoring
  • Site health

2. SEO Training Ways:

Here are the ways how you can train your SEO team such as;

Live Sessions:

Live Training Sessions are the easiest way to train your SEO team.

Prepare a live training schedule and ensure every team member participates in live training sessions.

As an expert, your participation should be impactful and effective.

Explain a topic, discuss issues, display solution, and how to analyze the result.

Record your live SEO training sessions for future training.

Online SEO Training Course:

If you are an SEO expert and know how to create an online course, then you should create a complete SEO course online.

You can create online courses for SEO training and use such courses to train your teams.

But there are two major disadvantages of online SEO courses, such as;

  • Time-consuming
  • Low interaction

SEO Documents:

SEO documentation is another way to train your SEO teams.

But this strategy only helps if your documents are updated regularly.

You can create a course page and link to each topic published on a different page.

3. Training Schedule:

After outlining the course and deciding on the training medium, the next thing is to set up the schedule.

Make sure that every team member must follow the SEO training schedule.

4. Evaluation:

You must use evolution and accountability strategies in your SEO training to make it result-oriented.

Here are the strategies that you can use:

Polls, Quizzes, and tests:

After completing each lesson, ensure your team participates in quizzes, polls, and tests. This will let you know what your team understands for the session.


Give your team to deal with real-time projects and display what they have learned from the course.

It is a practical approach but needs a lot of time and work.


Monitor the work and progress of your SEO team. Find out if they use what they learned in the SEO training program.


The focus of your SEO training program should be on improving the SEO skills of the team.

Rather than finding who to blame, make sure that you find ways to train your SEO team so that they will understand and use the training to deal with real-world SEO issues.

Make your training effective, engaging and fill it with practical examples or projects.

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