June 19, 2015

What Critical Conversion Factors is Your Landing Page Missing?

You may have heard this over and over again. Large fonts, Enough white spaces, Using the right colors, Using clear CTA and many more for great conversions. But sometimes the most simple things are ignored. For a landing page there is a few fundamental things. It changes a good landing to a great landing page.
What Critical Conversion Factors is Your Landing Page Missing?: eAskme
What Critical Conversion Factors is Your Landing Page Missing?: eAskme

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I will be mentioning three different examples that can change a good landing to a great landing page. Solving a problem. Making it personal and what is taken away. So let us start with the first one.

Solving a problem:

Yes as most know it is road taken by most marketers. We tend to take it for granted that users may feel lucky that our product exists. But in reality it doesn't work that way. Be upfront. Explain what the problem is and how it can be solved, either you or with your product.

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That is where Gmail for business works. It does amazing. As it solves user problems very well. It doesn't give over exaggerated promises, theres no graphics that is disturbing, No sings or flashy banners. Just does as it was intended for use. Clean and simple communication. Now there is something that can be refreshingly different.

Making it personal:

You may have your favorite coffee place or bakery. That knows exactly about that extra little thing that wont be found at any big brand. Yes something like that just makes a huge difference. Just that little extra dash of cream.

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What is taken away:

On average it takes a visitor about 15 seconds on your page to make the decision to leave on your page or stay. Within that time period you have the chance to grab their attention, stirring their interest and to even help convince them to buy your product

So as mentioned earlier. Be upfront. Get right to the point. Show or even tell the visitor why your product will improve their lives. Change your page that it does focus on that. You will see your conversion improve and becoming lots easier.

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Consider creating multiple landing pages that will suit the user's personal preference. There is a few different ways to this can be done.

If the user found your landing page through search, then it is a great idea to make sure your keywords reflects what they searched for. Location where the person is can be easy to do as you can change language, convention and also regional changes that will make the conversion effective and smooth.
Consider the time of day or night. This is very effective if your business is dependent on certain times when offering services. Pubs, doctors, dentists and restaurants. Just a few example if services offered at certain times.

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Going the mobile route. Fact is that smart-phones users are becoming more and more the online users. No more the desktop or laptop. Many use smart-phones as the only way to connect online. As even Google is considering mobile friendliness for ranking factor for mobile. If it is a key factor for Google. It should be telling how much the mobile route has grown. But even if you do have a mobile optimized website that cant be considered enough. Your landing pages needs to be optimized also. That is where you can consider Freemium publishing tools like Spaces will be helpful. With a few simple adjustments you can optimize landing pages for mobile with a some editing, drag and drop without any costs involved.

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But good to remember a few basic things for mobile. Make sure the images you use is optimized for mobile. Use buttons that is large. Don't copy. As it is strain on eyes to read small print or screens.


Never confuse your landing page with the usual webpage. When a user clicks your email or the relevant ad. That landing page is the last chance to get the user's interest and sell your product. This is your final and last chance. Make sure you do the best effort possible and you will see the benefits. You will be reaping the rewards.

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