June 19, 2015

Quick and Easy Social Media Updates is a Lot Easier Than You Think

Social Media. Just that word and you may think of different social networks. Or maybe even your favorite network that you prefer to use. It is ever growing as the list of different and new networks just seem to pop up. For many posts can be time consuming and no one likes wasting time. But it doesn't have to be.
Quick and easy Social media updates is a lot easier than you think. : eAskme
Quick and easy Social media updates is a lot easier than you think. : eAskme
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Pictures is a powerful tool
For social media users, visual content is more effective than words alone. Using pictures may get 53% more likes and 84 more clicks that only texts posts. That can mean taking a picture at the office, your favorite cupcake or your office door. Instagram is made with that in mind. It allows sharing beautiful images with other Instagram users.

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Tips and facts
Your post doesn't have to be long. In fact the shorter posts fares better than longer posts. For example Facebook posts that has 80 characters and less gets 66% more response.

Asking a question with a post, or a poll.
Fans just love the chance to give their own thoughts on social media. Create a question and see how many respond. You want a response then make sure it is a call to respond. As even Twitter studies show that just using the words please do re-tweet this gets more re-tweets than posts that doesn't have it.

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Celebrating national unofficial holidays.
There are so many unofficial holidays. Almost every week there is a very quirky holiday that can be celebrated. Create a post that announce the day of more unknown holidays. Fans will show their support and join in. It also allows followers to see your personality. For users it is important to see a company with spirit and heart, with a lot of soul.

Consider commenting on current events
If you know about something that is very current and a hot topic. It is a great to ask the opinion of others and comment on it.

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Share the success stories of your customers.
If you need a post that is easy and very social. Then it can be a customer. Something very simple and short like

Hurray for Gregg at (@customer) He increased his webpage awareness by 25% by using our plug in this month. #yourbrandproductname

Using inspirational quotes.
Everyone needs inspiration. People just seem to love advice and upliftment.

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Using caption contest
When you share a funny cartoon or image. It is a good to ask what would be the right caption. Giving away a small prize to the winner.

A sweet guide or resource to share.
If you have a resource of your own. Doesn't matter if you created it or from another source. You wont need to be introduced. Just write a few lines. Explain what it is and why it is good.

Share something that touches you.
Emotional engagement is often most exciting. People get excited about what makes them cry, touches their soul, or even what makes them laugh. if you see something that made you smile, or even laugh. Share it.

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But don't forget video content. It is a very powerful tool. Most sites allow auto generated video clips. All you have to do is paste the link.

By using tools that works smarter you make Social Media usage easier.
When you don't have much time shorter and quicker posts will be helping. If you still find time to be troubling then there is a few options available.

First of all it is free. It does monitor across all your social media networks. You can schedule your posts to appear at the time you want it to just by scheduling a post. Which means on the one quiet evening you can create all the posts for the whole week.

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Many savvy social users will agree that Buffer is their favorite. Because it is allows scheduling posts, is easy to find, Allows sharing content across the web with your fans and followers. all that is required is to install the plug in and just hit the Buffer icon when you see an article that you want to share with your followers. All Buffer does now is add the article to your queue and post on your pre-scheduled time.

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Time saving with Social networks. See what does work.
The one thing most will agree on is that new social media just keeps popping up everywhere. Keeping up with all the new ones can be a challenge. But that doesn't mean you need to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Vine, Reddit and most known networks.

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When you start using a new social network you have to put some effort to see what networks will be best for you. Remember for each audience there will be a different social site. To use a brand that is image orientated will find better response. Thinking of Pinterest and Instagram there. Where Reddit will be driving more traffic than most other networks.

When you have done some experimenting to see the behavior of different social sites. it is time to use Google Analytics. Now you can see who is your best referral traffic.Then you can focus on these social networks and you can invest your time on these networks. Now your valuable time goes to where it is needed and you can give your focus on the sites you find is most effective for you as you will get the best leverage.