November 03, 2017

How to Prepare YourSelf for First Stage Presentation

Have you ever been on the Stage? How will you feel if you have a chance to rock the stage? Stage presentation is always fun if you know how to enjoy it. It is the best way to showcase your own talent in front of the real audience who watch you and listen to you.
Prepare YourSelf for First Stage Presentation : eAskme
Prepare YourSelf for First Stage Presentation : eAskme
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But this is not funny thing, there are chances that it can be scary and go wrong if you are giving your first stage presentation. Mostly it happens because you don’t even prepare yourself for you very first stage presentation. If you rush on the stage it can make you look stupid, as within few minutes you will have nothing to speak about.

And this is where everyone notice an awkward silence.

It is really important to be ready and mentally accept this challenge before you go to the stage presentation, this will ensure that you end up speaking in a authoritative way so that your listener   can understand and trust on the words you are about to say.

It really doesn't matter were you are giving a stage, either at workshop or in college or in any summit.  It is really necessary that you prepare yourself before going to your first presentation.  After your very first stage presentation, you will learn many things.

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I started my journey as a speaker at very early age when I was at school. But as a Blogger my first stage presentation was at Professionals Meet in Community palace sector-47, Chandigarh.

After that, I never looked back and spoke at few other events till now.

I always recommend to be choosy when it comes to speak to an event. I have some secrets that never let me fail at any stage presentation.

At the very first time when I was standing as a professional blogger on the stage, it was because of my friend (Nikhil) who asked me to be a keynote speaker and I have accepted his offer to talk about Blogging at professional meet in Chandigarh.

This was the first event where I spoke about blogging and everything went as planned. I talked about my $200/month blog strategy and till the end of this event everyone was quite engaged and filled me with lots of questions. I believed that it was the first successful presentation about blogging.

Today I am going to share my presentation secret which will help you to prepare for presentation and make it most engaging.

Fear of stage : Overcome it

Performance anxiety or you can say stage fright is a very common phobia. It always happens when people have a chance to speak in front of gathering or camera. If you have stage fright it doesn't mean you can`t speak on stage there are many famous people who also had stage fright such as Richard Lewis, David Brenner etc.

Know your audience:

Haven`t I said it many times earlier? This is not only important for the success of your blog but also very critical aspect for the success of your first stage presentation. It will help you to choose right tone and topic for your first presentation. You can ask the organizer about the audience or look for the topics that audience like. After understanding what your audience like to listen next thing is to choose an engaging topic.

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Select Most Engaging Topic:

Focus on follwing things:
  • Ask yourself, can you deliver the message?
  • How can you relate your brand or yourself with the topic?
  • Can you deliver your message in given time?
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Always choose your topic wisely.

Here are the most common question about blogging:
Practice and Practice:

I use pen-paper to outline ideas for my presentation to create a simple presentation. I also use video cam to record my presentation practice to find repeated lines, common lines, body language etc.

How recording helped me:
  • Understand where I can get stuck and I can remove such slides.
  • Notice and fix body language.
Practice in-front of the mirror:

Not only camera but Mirror is also friend of those who need practice. It help you understand and fix your facial expressions. Look at the mirror and practice. You will see the way how your facial expression changes. This will help you to eradicate funny emotions.

Tips and tricks for Excellent First Stage Presentation:

  • Rehearse or Practice as it will boost your confidence to give actual presentation.
  • Recording will help you to fix gesture and body action.
  • Keep your presentation in the different formats to save it till presentation.
  • Be alone for first 2 minutes before the presentation, stretch your body to reduce stress.
  • Carry a glass of water.
  • Start with questions, keep engaging your audience.
  • Make it clear to the audience that you will give then time for questions to deliver uninterrupted presentation.
  • Stay focused and confident about the topic. Outline the important words in paper.
  • Never go off-topic.
  • Never stand behind the presenter table.
  • Never speak too fast.
  • Listen carefully, take your time and answer questions effectively.
  • Never use stop words.
  • You are not here to impress people but to explain and deliver your message.
  • Wear something presentable.
  • Use real-life examples.
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If you follow above tips then you are always ready for your first presentation. If anytime you see that things are going wrong, don`t worry just take a pause, recollect yourself and again continue presentation. A bottle of water is your friend there.
I hope these tips and tricks will help you with your first presentation. If you still have some questions or tips, do share via comments. If you find these tips helpful, feel free to share on Google Plus, twitter and Facebook.