11 Sure Fire Ways to get Traffic to your Blog

Many bloggers have great content and clean design but still they face problem in getting traffic to their blog or website. Today I will share 11 sure fire ways to get high quality traffic to your site or blog.
11 Sure Fire Ways to get Traffic to your Blog : eAskme
11 Sure Fire Ways to get Traffic to your Blog : eAskme

Blog Commenting :

Blog commenting is most used and one of the best way to get traffic to your site or blog. You just need to use it effectively to get traffic to your blog, so it is most important to make valuable comments on the blogs.
Try to be the first person to comment on blog posts. Where you make first comment, that give you good traffic.

Use your gravatar in commenting so blog readers know who is commenting.

Video Marketing :

Video marketing is a great way to utilize videos and get traffic for your blog. You should create valuable videos and upload them to YouTube or Vimeo.

Social Bookmarking :

You should submit your blog posts to social bookmarking sites like stubmleupon and digg, these will give you great traffic.
Social bookmarking sites send you enough traffic to make success of your blog. You should share content of others also on social bookmarking sites.

Forum Marketing :

By promoting your blogs in forums you can great good amount of traffic. Forums have established audience and huge traffic.
Always remember that you never spam these forums. You should make helpful comments and visitors will go on your blog or site.

Blog Contests :

Blog contests also a great way to get traffic to your blog. You can get sponsors for these contests by contacting big blogger or companies.

Press Release :

This is also a great way to get traffic to your site or blog. If you can create newsworthy stories than it can create wonders  for you. You should also track who write for you to get even better result.

Social Networks :

Social Networking is a great way to get traffic to your blog. The better you can use social networks the better result you will get in traffic.
With help of facebook, twitter and other social networks you can get more traffic, just you need to share your content with friends and tell them to share it again.

Write Top Posts :

You can create top post for your blog by writing top posts in list. This list can get famous and you can get huge traffic. Just make sure that you make accurate top list.

Update Regularly :

You should keep updating your blog regularly as this will help you in many ways. It will gain you respect and also good traffic. It will make your visitors visit you blog again and again and also they will love to read your blog.
Its depend upon you that how soon you want to update your blog and how many posts you want to write every week. My suggestion update your blog minimum twice a week. Also link your blog posts with intelinking. Read this to know the benefits of Interlinking Blog posts

Search Engine Optimization:

You should optimize your blog or site to get organic traffic from search engines. You should do onpage optimization, off page optimization, Image optimization, use of keywords, Interlinking, Sitemap and many other ways.

SEO Checklist For Every Blogger

Guest Posting :

Guest posting can do wonder if use effectively. guest posts can give you thousands of visitors everyday.

Quality Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

You should follow these ways and you will surely get great traffic.

Please do share your own ways how you get traffic and also any issues and suggestions.

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